Relieving or Regrouping? Chinese Authorities Release Pastor Hua Huiqi with Warning

Monday, October 12, 2009

October 12, 2009
BEIJING--After three weeks in a secret holding place, Pastor Hua Huiqi was finally released and returned home to his family on Saturday, October 10. He was not physically tortured during his confinement, but received threats on his families life. To provoke him, and scare him into silence about his detention, his public security guards threatened the life of his 13-year-old daughter before they released him, warning him not to cause any trouble or they would make his daughter pay. As he recovers from fasting and the long separation from his family, Pastor Hua has promised to give a detailed account of his detention, and asks the international community to continue praying for his ailing mother Shuang Shuying and dying brother Hua Huilin.
Watch for Pastor Hua's testimony in upcoming ChinaAid news.
Pastor Hua Huiqi is one of the many casualties of human rights abuses, amplified by the celebration of CPC-rule on October 1st. ChinaAid thanks the international community for praying, advocating on Pastor Hua's behalf, and continues to urge supporters to call on Chinese authorities to cease religious persecution of minority faiths.
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