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Monday, February 1, 2010

February 4, 2010 marks the one-year anniversary of Gao Zhisheng's Disappearance.
Last Updated: 2/16/2010
From Beijing to Washington, citizens around the world are asking, "Where is Gao Zhisheng?" News agencies have kept pressing for more on the story of Gao Zhisheng. See the latest headlines.
2/14/2010--RIGHTS GROUP SAYS MISSING CHINESE LAWYER IN URUMQI. Read the article by AP's Scott McDonald.
2/12/2010--DUI HUA FOUNDATION'S STATEMENT ABOUT GAO ZHISHENG. Read the statement posted by the President of Dui Hua on Gao Zhisheng working in Urumqi.
2/12/2010--CHINA, CANADA, THE OLYMPICS AND HUMAN RIGHTS. Read the article posted by Canada Free Press about Gao Zhisheng and the Canadian position on Chinese Human Rights.
2/04/2010--ONE YEAR LATER: CHINA STILL MUM ON MISSING LAWYER. Read the article posted on The Christian Science Monitor.
2/03/2010--U.S. CONGRESSMEN NOMINATE GAO ZHISHENG FOR NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. See the press release by Rep. Chris Smith's office.
2/02/2010--"China's Defiance Stirs Fear for Missing Dissident." Read the report by Andrew Jacobs for the New York Times.
1/31/2010--"FIND GAO ZHISHENG": Visit China Human rights Lawyer Concern Group's site for more details, and check out their campaign on Facebook.
1/29/2010--"KEEPING AN EYE ON CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION IN CHINA." ChinaAid Director of Advocacy Jennifer McCloy is interviewed about Gao Zhisheng. Hear the CWA Radio Broadcast.
1/22/2010--COMMENT BY CHINA ADDS TO MYSTERY OF MISSING LAWYER. Read the article by Edward Wong for the NYTimes.
1/22/2010--CHINA SAYS MISSING LAWYER 'IS WHERE HE SHOULD BE.' Read the article by AP Beijing.
1/15/2010--HAS BRAVE GAO ZHISHENG BEEN "DISAPPEARED?" Read the blog post and commentary on Banyan's Notebook, by The Economist's Asian Politics author.

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