Bob Fu Meets With Leaders in Norway, Dr. Fan Arrested

Thursday, December 9, 2010

China Aid Association

(OSLO -- Dec. 9, 2010) On December 9 at 10 a.m., ChinaAid President Bob Fu, as scheduled, met with leaders of the Council on Ecumenical and International Relations for the Norwegian State Church. These included the Secretary General of the Council, Ms. Berit Hagen Aagoy, and Beate Fagerli.

At 11 a.m., Bob met with Mr. Peter Gitmark 挪威议会国际关系委员会负责人BERIT HAGEN AGOY会谈中国自由法治人权以及高智晟范亚峰案例他同意签名自由高智晟in the committee for Foreign Policy and Defense at the Nowegian Parliament. Gitmark has added his signature to the petition to free Gao Zhiseng.

In these meetings, Bob Fu spoke with leaders about religious freedom, the state of human rights, and rule of law in China. He is hopeful that new partnerships can be formed to combat injustice in China. He is speaking on behalf of Liu Xiaobo, winner of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize, as well as Chen Guangcheng, Gao Zhiseng, and Fan Yafeng, all of whom are undergoing persecution in China.
intervewed by Hongkong reporter
Bob has already been interviewed by reporters from various news media on his visit to Oslo, Norway for the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony.

诺贝尔和平委员会刘晓波展览Bob Fu just learned that Beijing house church leader Dr. Fan Yafeng was arrested at 9:30am on Dec 9. Dr. Fan's wife, Wu Lingling, was also questioned before she was released. Then at about 1pm, she got a call from the Public Security Bureau telling her that Dr. Fan would not be home for at least 4 days because he has some "things" to be asked about.

Yesterday afternoon, Bob protested in front of theDSC_0021 Chinese embassy on behalf of Liu Xiaobo, Chen Guangcheng, Gao Zhiseng, Fan Yafeng, and others. Tomorrow he will take the lead in handing in petitions to free Gao Zhisheng at the Chinese embassy.

ChinaAid encourages people to pray for Bob Fu's stamina, wisdom, and courage as he speaks out for the persecuted on this international level. We also pray that the delivered signatures to free Gao will make a huge impact on the Chinese government, and that Gao will soon be able to return to his family.

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