Police Crackdown on Supporters of Liu’s Nobel Peace Prize

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ChinaAid Association
(Beijing--Dec. 14, 2010) Below is an inexhaustive collection of arrests, beatings and other incidents related to Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Peace Prize announcement and award:

(1) Oct 7th, 2010, in the night of the announcement that Dr. Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2010, the following people were arrested by 40 to 50 police officers for celebrating the prize, and interrogated until the early morning of the next day: Wang Lihong, A Er, Xu Zhiyong, Tu Fu, Li Hua, Zhang Yongpan, He Yang, Gao Jian, Peng Mo, Zhao Fengsheng, Liao Shuangyuan, Wu Yuqin, Wang Guoqi, Liu Jingsheng, Xiao Lu, Yin Yusheng, Zhao Changqing, Bao Longjun.

Among these people, He Yang and Zhang Yongpan were beaten.

(2) At the night of October 8, Wang Xiaoyu and Shi Feike were taken away by the police while celebrating in Shanghai. Sun Wenguang, celebrating in Ji’nan, was also detained by the police.

On October 9, Wang Lihong, Tu Fu and Zhao Changqing were each sentenced to eight days of detention. Yin Yusheng, Bao Longjun, Li Hua, Xiao Lu, Zhao Fengsheng and others from outside Beijing were escorted away by officials from their respective provinces stationed in Beijing.

Liu Qiangben was interrogated after trying to rescue those who were being taken away, and Zhou Li was put on house arrest.

(3) Wei Qiang was arrested and interrogated on October 9 after distributing flyers about the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize on the campus of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts. On October 11, he was escorted back to his home.

On the night of the award was announced, Liu Xia was put under house arrest. After she visited Liu Xiaobo on October 10, she lost the ability to communicate with anyone. Yu Jie and his wife also suffered the same fate after they were put on house arrest.  Ding Zilin and her husband are now missing.

(4) Liu Suli was beaten by police on October 22 and suffered a bone fracture in his lumbar vertebrae. Li Hai was arrested on October 31 in Shuangyushu; he immediately disappeared after that. Xie Yanyi, who was present at the scene, was beaten up by police. 

Zhang Zuhua, Hu Shigen, Qi Zhiyong, Zhang Dajun, Li Heping and Liu Di were placed under house arrest. Hou Wenbao’s friends and visitors from Anhui were arrested and sent back to their homes. Gu Chuang and his wife were harassed many times by agents from Domestic Security Protection Squad and placed under surveillance.

(5) After his detention, Tu Fu was escorted back to his home and placed under house arrest. After Zhao Changqing served his detention sentence, he was escorted back to home, but he went back to Beijing and was again escorted back.

After Wang Lihong finished serving his detention sentence, he was placed under house arrest. When he visited Liu Qiangben and Li Hua, he was again arrested and interrogated. Wu Wenjian was also interrogated, and He Yang was placed on house arrest. On October 27, police threw a black hood over Hua Ze’s head and kidnapped him.

(6)On November 10, Zhao Lianhai was sentenced to two and a half years of prison after being detained well beyond the legal limit for detention without a trial. Zhao’s family was placed on surveillance and is isolated from the outside world. Li Fangping and Peng Jian were placed under house arrest. Peng Jian was also kidnapped, and Xu Zhiyong was taken away twice.

We have lost contact with Li Xuemei. Because Ni Yulan expressed her support for Zhao Lianhai, police broke into her house and harassed her. On November 17, the court opened for Wu Yuren case without reaching a verdict.  Zhu Fuxiang, who expressed his support for Wu Yuren outside the court, was interrogated.

(7) Ai Weiwei was placed under house arrest on the eve of the Ten Thousand Crabs Banquet. Many Twitter users were invited to dim sum meals and were warned not to attend the banquet. Interestingly, the number of people who died in the fire in Shanghai was not disclosed, but Ai Weiwei’s studio exposed it.

In the meantime, Wentao was harassed by unidentified people who posed as real estate agents. Zhang Peixin and his wife Qi Fangjun who burned their own car in Tiananmen in protest were sentenced to four years and a half and five years in prison, respectively. Xiuling, who tried to rescue them, was sentenced to one and a half years of re-education through labor.

(8) On October 29, Hua Chunhui and Wang Yi were detained. Wang Yi was sentenced to one year of re-education through labor, while Bai Dongping was placed under criminal detention. Zhu Juru was indicted for “inciting subversion of state power.” 

A Er was once again under the authorities’ control in Yunnan. Tang Jingling was forced to have talks with agents twice. He was also interrogated and his house was searched.  Li Yuanfeng was interrogated.  Li Jinfang was invited to a dim sum meal. Qin Yongmin who has just been released from prison was harassed. A court case for Liu Xianbin will soon open. For now, he is not allowed to meet his attorney.

(9) In Liang Bo’s case, the judge was accused of being an imposter and luring family members into dismissing the attorney. The trial on Tian Xi’s case is suspended. On November 30, power was cut for Beijing Aizhihang Institute that was holding a meeting between AIDS patients and the media. Authorities then checked the IDs of the patients.

Li Xiongbing was put under restraining measures and was not allowed to attend the meeting. On the second day, Sun Ya, the father of an AIDS patient was put under the authorities’ control and then was escorted back to Zhengzhou. Patient Liu Ximei was also put under the authorities’ control. 

(10) Cui Weiping was interrogated and roughed up. Fan Yafeng and his wife were interrogated many times. Even their 3-year-old son was dragged to the police station and the family was not released until midnight. Ai Xiaoming was interrogated and placed under surveillance. Yin Yusheng was severely beaten and was forced out of his job.

Yao Fali went missing three times and his wife was severely beaten. Zhang Hui was chased and had to leave Beijing. The power supply to his residence was cut three times. Jiang Tianyong was placed under surveillance and had to leave Beijing. The lock to his home was vandalized and jammed four times. 

(11) Guo Xianliang was detained on October 28 for distribuing flyers in Guangzhou about Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Peace Prize. Mo Zhixu and Wen Kejian were detained in Hangzhou on October 30; Mo Zhixu was escorted back to Sichuan.  Huang Yaling who presented flowers to Norway Pavilion at the Expo was interrogated. Shen Zhaohua was interrogated. Many lectures at the Transition Institute were ordered to be canceled. The website “1984” was shut down and the site owner Zhang Jiannan was interrogated and placed on house arrest for half a month.

(12) Mou Yanxi, a Twitter user from Chongqing who joked that she would carry a slogan in support of Liu Xiaobo in the anti-Japanese demonstration was taken away by some people who broke into her house at midnight, and she was interrogated. 

Zhang Shijie from Chongqing was interrogated for organizing a gathering of Twitter users on October 8. He was again interrogated for trying to rescue Mou Yanxi. Wang Shuyu, a junior college student at Northwest University of Politics and Law was investigated and disciplined for publishing a report that Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Prize. 

(13)  Here is an inexhaustive list of people who are barred from leaving China: Mao Yushi, Xu Youyu, Ai Weiwei, Liu Xiaoyuan, Cui Weiping, Mo Shaoping, He Weifang, Li Subin, Jiang Tianyong, Zhou Zhongling, Mo Zhixu, the daughter of Wu Si, Guo Yushan, Fang Cao, Wang Jinglong, Duan Qixian, Yu Fangqiang, the wife of Lu Yuegang, Ding Dong’s son Ding Ding, the wife of Jia Jia, the sister of Hu Jia and the wife of Teng Biao.

(14) He Guanghu, Xiao Han, Liao Yiwu, Bei Zhicheng, Yu Yiwei, Ye Du, Li Fangping, Hao Jian and Zhang Boshu are also not allowed to leave the country. Two hundred Christians who tried to go to South Africa to attend the Lausanne Congress were not allowed to leave China. Among them are Jin Tianming, Jin Mingri, Sheng Feng, Zhang Dajun, Liu Guan, Liu Jingtao, Fang Bing, Wang Yi, Peng Qiang, Zha Changping and Wang Shuangyan. Wang Yi was roughed up and violently treated by the police.  

(15)  Xiao Qingshan from Guangdong was sentenced to re-education through labor. Wang Huating from Kunming was harassed by police. Chen Shuqing, Zhu Yufu, Zhu Zhengming, Wang Rongqing, Wu Yilong and Mao Qingxiang from Hangzhou were interrogated for applying for a demonstration.

On December 3, Hu Junxiong was detained for eight hours and his belongings were searched. Other types of persecution are still continuing. Chen Guangcheng is still being closely guarded and Gao Zhisheng’s whereabouts are still unknown. 

(16)  Since the beginning of December, South Station has begun to arrest petitioners on a large scale. December 4 is Legal Publicity Day. Thousands of petitioners who went to CCTV to request legal assistance were surrounded by three layers of police and were taken to large buses.

By noon, 24 buses had entered the illegal Jiujingzhuang Detention Center. A conservative estimate puts the number of detainees to two thousand people -- people with two thousand names, two thousand faces and two thousand stories. 

(17) Pu Zhiqiang was detained until October 13. From the end of his detention to November 9, he could only leave his home with police escort. Teng Biao was forced to have talks with the authorities seven or eight times and he also had to have police with him as he left his residence.

On December 4, Zhang Kai and seven or eight other Christians were singing songs at Temple of Heaven when they were beaten by agents from Urban Management Administration and Bureau of Religion.

(18)  Zheng Enchong was placed under house arrest. Gao Hongming, Xu Yonghai, Yang Jing and Jia Jianying were placed on house arrest. Yan Zhengxue was placed on surveillance and the entire family of Chen Tianshi was escorted to their homes.

On December 5, lawyers Xie Yanyi, Li Fuchun and Liang Xiaojun were beaten in Zhaoyuan. Liu Feiyue who visited Qin Yongmin was arrested and beaten. 

(19)  On December 6, Chen Xi and Liao Shuangyuan from Guizhou were taken away by the police. People have lost contact with Huang Yanming. The residence of Li Renke was surrounded by authorities.

In Beijing, Hu Jia’s mother was harassed on many occasions by six men dressed in black.  Liu Di was placed under house arrest has lost contact with the outside world. On the evening of December 7, Wang Zhongxia and other friends who went to look for Liu Di were taken to the local police station and interrogated. 

One of China’s foremost legal scholars and advocates of constitutional democracy has been in police custody since Thursday Dec. 9th, and while other “sensitive personages” have had their freedom restored following the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony last week, authorities have taken further measures that seem to indicate they are preparing a criminal case against Christian lawyer Fan Yafeng, ChinaAid has learned.
Three days after taking Dr. Fan into custody, police returned to his home on the evening of Sunday Dec. 12 at 8 p.m. and detained his wife Wu Lingling as well, interrogating her until 4 a.m. Monday. When Dr. Fan was taken into custody, she was told that he would be released four days later, but as of Tuesday, he remained in custody.

Just after Human Rights Day and the award ceremony for Dr. Liu’s award, it is certain that persecution will occur on a greater scale. More brothers and sisters will be constrained.

We ask all of you to persist in your efforts. It will not be long before we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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