Beijing Shouwang Church Announcement on Planning 2012 First Sunday Service by Church Governing Committee

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Worship Plan on this Coming Sunday (01-01-2012) Service by Church Governing Committee

The outdoor worship service of Shouwang Church since April 10, 2011 has come to an end on December 25, 2011. We first want to offer our thanksgiving to God. Glory be to our God, for he has been protecting us and guiding us till this day during this period of outdoor worship service. We also pray that God will continue to open a way for us. After December 25, Shouwang Church has been trying to find an indoor gathering place, but met obstacles. We signed lease contract with two places, but all got canceled by the landlords as the government gave them pressure, so we won’t be able to gather at these two places. We then made effort to rent a new place, and we need to look to God’s mercy and help to gather at this place.

Sunday Service on January 1, 2012:

We temporarily are having one indoor service on Sunday
Time: 8:30-10:30 am
Location: Beijing Parkview Wuzhou, 8 North St Huan Zhong Road

If we are not able to use this indoor gathering place from interference, we have to gather outdoors. Here is the detailed arrangement:

If we get confirmed before 6:00 pm on Saturday that we won’t be able to use this indoor place, the church will inform you to have outdoor service:

(1) Time: 8:30 am, one service
(2) Location: The third platform at Zhongguancun Square

If we find out at our arrival on Sunday that we won’t be able to use this indoor place, we will have outdoor service nearby.


Membership Registration: Those who haven’t submitted your application please submit it as soon as possible.

Wedding: Wang Chuanliang, Ma Chunyin are going to have their wedding ceremony at 9:30 am on January 2 (Monday), at multi-purpose hall at Tsinghua Hotel, Wudaokou. You are welcome to attend it.

Notice on Reimbursement by Finance Department: Please contact Chen Xiaoyan (phone number: 13911883024) before January 3, 2012 if you have any expenses from ministry in 2011 (including Christmas expenses).


Sunday Service: On December 25 (Christmas), we had our last outdoor worship service since we started it on April 10. Forty-one believers (including a sister from Xinshu Church) were taken to be detained in police stations or in a hotel for joining the outdoor service. Forty believers were released till midnight on 25th. The last believer detained was released around 3:00 pm on the 26th. In the past period of having thirty-eight Sunday outdoor worship services, nearly a thousand people were detained, and even more people were restricted.

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