Regarding Chinese VP Xi Jinping's visit

Saturday, February 18, 2012

China Aid Association Feb. 18, 2012

To my Chinese-American co-patriots, to the Honorable Joseph Biden, Vice President of the United States, to the Hon. Ambassador Qui Shaofang, and to...:

I write this letter to express my warning and sadness over the lowering of moral and civic standards by our Government to the level of economic and political expediencies.

Based upon the record of the Chinese government, Vice President Xi Jinping did not deserve the 19-gun salute and honor (never before bestowed on a foreign vice president at the Pentagon), nor the accolades by our elected state officials here, in California. The incarceration and ongoing persecution of Christians is unbecoming of the Great Chinese Nation.

While I do not personally know Mr. Xi Jinping, and have just recently learned about the misfortunes he and his father had to endure due to the schisms within the Chinese Communist Party, I do pray for the salvation of his soul, and wish him success as he is about to embark on an even greater and positive role in Chinese society.

As allegiance to the Scriptural mandate of Micah 6:8 is a mark of our common human decency - with no respect to creed or worldview -, it is my humble request and prayer, that the Chinese Vice President will hear the cry of his own people for more freedom, and will use the powers of his high office to end the persecution of Chinese dissident and Christian believers.

Joseph Novak
a Hungarian-American follower of the Lord Jesus Christ
Pastor of the American-Hungarian Baptist Church, Alhambra, CA

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