Two news flashes: Christians in Xinjiang and Beijing persecuted

Friday, March 1, 2013

China Aid Association

(Xinjiang and Beijing –Feb 28, 2013) Two sisters Wang Yuxia and Zhang Xiaochen from Qigexing Town, Yanqi City, Bayinguole Prefecture of Xinjiang were taken away by Qigexing Police Station on February 25 for distributing Gospel flyers. Currently, they are being detained at the detention center of Yanqi County Procuratorate. We hereby request the churches and Christians to show concerns and to pray for them.

We have also learned that brothers and sisters at Lu Village Church of Beijing have issued a special prayer calling on us that: Sister Li of their church was a petitioner who came to Beijing to petition the higher authorities. After she was converted to the Lord last year, she has given up on her “petitions” and instead hands over her family’s matters to the Lord and concentrate on serving the church in Lu Village in Beijing where the congregation is made up mostly of petitioners. The government officials from the hometown of Sister Li were waiting for her yesterday in the vicinity of the church and they plan to take her away from Beijing before the Two Conferences (the National People’s Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference). She wants to hide from these government officials so that she won’t be taken back to her native place. We want you brothers and sisters to pray for Sister Li Yulian and let our Lord give her strength so that she is no longer weak. May our Heavenly Father protect her from the fetters of the evil doers and the attacks from Satan. Sister Li’s phone number is 13146395613. Please call Sister Li and bring warmth to Sister Li with words of love from Jesus. Hallelujah!

ChinaAid expresses its deep concern for and denunciation on the persecution cases of churches that frequently happened recently in many provinces. ChinaAid urges government in various places to implement the new policies, stop the persecution, protect citizens’ right to belief and look into the liabilities of the perpetrators of persecution.

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