An open letter to Chairman Xi Jingping from Gong Huali

Monday, April 29, 2013

Translated by China Aid Association  (04-29-2013)

To the Beloved Chairman Xi Jingping:

My name is Gong Huali, the daughter of the Rev. Gong Shengliang (Born 1952), resident of Zaoyang, Hubei Province. As I hear of your advocacy to build up a harmonious society in China, let me take the liberty to write to you, telling you how my father was persecuted under the rule of Jiang Zeming and Hu Jingtao.

My father was arrested because of his faith in Jesus Christ by the Hubei government in 2001, and was charged with rape. He was sentenced to death. Incredibly enough, the so-called “victim” was also arrested, tortured, and sentenced to jail with a harsh sentence. After being jailed, my father was subjected to forced, hard, physical labor and the prison’s severe rules. When he was arrested, he suffered many savage tortures. He was imprisoned in a very damp area for the first two years. He was inflicted with rheumatism. His gastroenteritis went from bad to worse. Once the gastroenteritis made him unable to eat for two weeks, and he found blood in stools and in urine. The prison officials were very cruel to him, never giving him any medical care for more than the last ten years. My father was attacked with cerebral infarction and high blood pressure at the end of 2012. Since then, he has not been able to walk or speak. Because of the complete absence of even minimal medical care, his cerebral and cerebellum functions have been severely impaired. His life is in grave danger.  

Accordingly, we have asked for his release on bail for urgent medical treatment. But, again and again, our petitions have been completely ignored, without any reasonable response. It is very urgent for my father to have immediate medical treatment, otherwise he will either die soon while imprisoned under false pretense or remain severely disabled for the remainder of his life.

I know you are fully occupied with national and international affairs, but my love for my father urges and compels me to write to you, with flowing tears and trembling hands. If you pay any concern to my father’s case, at least permit him to be bailed out for medical treatment, and our family will rejoice to be reunited with my dying father.

The harmonious society you advocate can not begin to come true without redressing continuing past wrongs like that my dear father continues to suffer.

Thank you very much!

Yours humbly,

Gong Huali