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NEWS FLASH: Zhu Yufu has life-threatening head swelling caused by physical abuse

Monday, April 15, 2013

China Aid Association

zhu1_0(Hangzhou, Zhejiang–April 14, 2013) Family members who just finished a monthly visit with imprisoned Chinese dissident and Christian Zhu Yufu have informed ChinaAid that the ailing prisoner of conscience has life-threatening head swelling caused by physical abuse.

According to the family members who visited Zhu in Zhejiang province's No. 4 prison, the ill treatment of Zhu is not just physical abuse, but he has also been denied nutritious meals and the prisoners' monthly phone calls to their families.  He told his family: they are treating me very, very poorly.  I can no longer bear it.  Next month, you might not be able to visit me. If you cannot visit me, do not be sad--it must mean that I am out of this situation.

ChinaAid expresses its outrage over the Zhejiang No. 4 Prison's illegal and cruel treatment of Zhu Yufu and urges the Chinese central government to pay attention and immediately resolve this serious situation and hold accountable the Zhejjiang authorities responsible for this illegal action.  ChinaAid will expand its advocacy and broaden its appeals for Zhu within the international community.

ChinaAid calls on Secretary of State John Kerry, currently on his first visit to China, to express his concern over this urgent situation directly to the Chinese government.

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