Zhengzhou: Sunzhuang Christian Church doorway blocked by deris for second time

Thursday, August 15, 2013

China Aid Association     August 15, 2013

At 3 a.m. on August 3, in the darkest hours before dawn in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province, the Sunzhuang Christian Church doorway was, again, filled with tons of dirt and rocks by a grade of AR1933 vehicles owned by Henan province.. The church has incurred much inconvenience as a result. Unfortunately, this is not the first instance of Henan AR1933 vehicles transporting debris to block church doors.

The situation previously occurred on July 24, also in the early morning hours. With this instance, forklifts were dispatched from Zhengzhou Bureau of Religious Affairs the evening of July 24 to clear away the rubble.

Sunzhuang Christian Church has been officially recognized by the Three-Self Patriotic Movement since June 2012 when it gained government approval to build a new church building. After completion of the church building in June 2013, Sunzhuang Christian Church received a demolition notice from the Sunzhuang village as well as eviction notices. It is said that the decision to demolish the church was made by the village without the villagers consent. However, the only action taken was the placement of a demolition notice; no demolition permits have been obtained nor have any other procedures taken place. Additionally, there is no specific resettlement plan for the Sunzhuang Christian Church.

As demolition efforts began, the church faced numerous setbacks, including loss of power and water as well as these two incidents of debris-blocked doorways. According to the official website of Zhengzhou City Authority, Henan AR1933 vehicles are used to transport construction debris, specifically earth and rocks.

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