China 16 member Zhu Yufu faces poor treatment in prison

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

China Aid Association

September 17, 2013

Zhu Yufu
Editor's note: The text of the letter sent by Zhu Xiaoyan is in italics in the story below. The bolded section within that letter denotes the information told to Zhu Xiaoyan by Zhu Yufu's wife, Jiang Hangli, who visited Zhu Yufu. Also, previous stories concerning Zhu Yufu can be viewed at, and

ChinaAid received a letter from Zhu Xiaoyan, the sister of Zhu Yufu, a prominent Christian prisoner of conscience. In the letter, she wrote about a recent visit to Zhu Yufu in the prison. His family is very concerned about his well-being given the torture to mind and body he constantly endures. Zhu Yufu’s family calls on the U.S. government and the international community to continue to show concern and to try to rescue Zhu Yufu.

Early this year, ChinaAid joined with over 30 international human rights organizations and launched the “Free China 16” campaign. Zhu Yufu is among these 16 prisoners of conscience. ChinaAid will never give up on calling for the rescue of brother Zhu Yufu. The harsh reality of the increasingly severe suppression of dissidents in China is very disconcerting. Following is the letter from Zhu Xiaoyan:

Yesterday was a visitation day for my brother Zhu Yufu. My sister-in-law Jiang Hangli told us roughly how the visit went for this month:

As the temperature decreases this month, the festering skin all over Zhu Yufu’s body has slightly improved. Some of the sores that were previously festering are beginning to form scabs. However, Zhu Yufu’s mental status is still very bad and his mood is low. Because of many diseases and because the prison authorities have always refused to let him seek treatment and medication, his face is still very swollen and he can’t walk by himself. He has to walk while supporting himself on a wall.

This month, because of serious overcrowding of prisoners in Zhejiang Prison No. 4, prison officials began to register three categories of prisoners. These three categories of prisoners leave the prison in the form of community supervision, medical parole or other ways so as to relieve overcrowding. These three categories of prisoners are: those aged 65 or older, those who have served at least one third of their terms, and those who have at least two diseases. As long as a prisoner fits in one of the three categories, he or she is eligible to register for supervision outside the prison.

Zhu Yufu fits in categories two and three. Besides, the diseases he suffers from are well over two. However, the prison authorities refuse to let him register and have clearly told him that he is the only prisoner in the entire Prison No. 4 who can’t register. Prison officials told Zhu Yufu that even if he fits all the three categories, they still won’t register him because he is a political prisoner against the Communist Party and that people opposing the Communist Party should always end up like this.

My brother Zhu Yufu’s current physical health condition is very poor. However, the mental torture he suffers is even worse. We in the family are very worried that Zhu Yufu’s will power will collapse and we are worried that he may be unable to endure one mental torture after another. In the meantime, we hereby lodge our strong protest and express our indignation against Prison No. 4 of Zhejiang in treating a prisoner of conscience like this.

Zhu Xiaoyan
September 14, 2013

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