'Kill them:' Villagers injured in forced demolition by 300-strong police force

Thursday, October 24, 2013

China Aid Association

These photos show a line of 
officers blocking access to the 
villagers building and an aerial view
of some of the injured villagers.
These photos show a small 
number of the injured villagers. 
(Fuzhou, Fujian—Oct. 24, 2013) More than 20 villagers were seriously injured Saturday afternoon in Fuzhou, the provincial capital of China’s coastal Fujian province, when local police, urban management officers, and unofficial enforcers enacted a violent demolition led by the deputy town chief who reportedly told the various officers to kill the villagers.

At around 2 p.m., approximately 300 officers dressed in black uniforms and armed with steel batons arrived at the village to demolish the villagers’ houses. Under instruction from the local deputy town chief, the officers cut off power and network connections in the village. The group’s slogan was reported to be: “Take the baton, kill them and throw the bodies aside.”

Many villagers were hit by the officers. More than 20 were left either unconscious or unable to move after being beaten with the batons. Other injuries included head trauma, injured hands (from villagers protecting their heads), gouged eyes and bruising and laceration of the skin.

Officers refused  to allow family members to aid the wounded. When the injured were finally able to make their way to the Fujian General Hospital, many were left with permanent damage due to the delay in treatment.

The demolition was reportedly ordered after villagers built houses in their own fields to solve their housing woes. Even though these houses didn't occupy government-protected farmland, the dwellings were still considered illegal.

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