Summons notices increase with Zhejiang church demolitions

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Zhang Zhimin received multi-
ple injuries, especially to the
skull, after the altercation be-
tween Salvation Church and
local authorities on July 21,
2014. (Photo: China Aid)
China Aid Association

(Zhejiang—July 30, 2014) An increase in official summons has occurred along with the continuing persecution of Christian in China’s coastal Zhejiang province over the past week.

China Aid has learned that believers, listed below, from the recently persecuted Salvation Church in Pingyang County, Wenzhou, Chengguan Hall in Wenling, Taizhou, and other area churches have been summoned. Salvation Church was involved in a bloody altercation with authorities in early morning hours of July 21, when believers formed a human wall at the church’s gate to block a demolition team from entering. Days later, on Thursday, authorities in Wenling succeeded in demolishing one of two crosses topping Chengguan Hall on their third attempt to do so.

1. On Friday, Zhang Zhi, of Pingyang County, was taken by Wenling police. Zhang was returned to the Pingyang County Police Station on Saturday.

2. Zhu Jiahao was summoned on Friday and has yet to return, according to other church members.

3. A group of men from Wuxi Church in Longwan District, Wenzhou, received summons notices. Their summons is believed to be related to the recent increase in scrutiny of Christian business owners and their shops.

4. Multiple government departments searched a Christian man’s business in Cangnan County, Wenzhou, and all items were confiscated.

5. Yan Xiaojie of Salvation Church in Pingyang County received a summons.

6. Ji Mengzi was summoned by the Cangnan County Police on Thursday.

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