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Zhejiang church re-erects cross after unofficial demolition

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lingnei Church members re-erect their church’s
(Photo from a WeChat user)
China Aid
By Ava Collins

(Wenzhou, Zhejiang—Aug. 25, 2015) The Lingnei Church in China’s coastal Zhejiang province re-erected the cross atop its building after authorities removed it early July 30.

This cross demolition is a part of the “Three Rectifications and One Demolition” campaign, ongoing since 2014, which has affected 1,200-1,500 churches through cross removals and building demolitions. Officials often arrest and detain individuals who resist these measures while attempting to protect their expressions of faith.

Public officials cleared Christians out of the church building at 4 a.m. on July 30, then removed the cross. Gaosha Catholic Cathedral and other churches in the area were also visited and had crosses demolished.

The same day, the Lingnei Church hired Beijing lawyer Zhang Kai to investigate the removal but found that no official organization claimed responsibility. With no legal justification, Zhang said the crosses were considered “stolen” and there was no barrier to replacing them.

Lingnei Church began re-erecting the original cross at 9 p.m, a process that lasted two hours.

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