House churches in Jiangxi, Yunnan receive training on legal rights

Friday, November 20, 2015

Christians in China’s southern Yunnan province pray during
their training session with Bo Ai in early November 2015.
(Photo: China Aid)
China Aid
Translated and written in English by Brynne Lawrence.

(Jiujiang, Jiangxi— Nov. 20, 2015) Chinese Christians in China’s southern Jiangxi and Yunnan provinces learned of their legal rights through a series of Chinese Christian Faith and Legal Training Camps conducted by Bo Ai, the camp’s founder, in late October and early November, respectively.

In response to six Christians simultaneously splitting off from the Three-Self Church and forming their own churches throughout the Jiujiang, Jiangxi, local religious affairs bureau officials and police launched a series of attacks. Christians from these congregations hired Bo Ai to teach a Faith and Law training camp, which would teach the church members how to defend their right to religious freedom from unjust persecution. From Oct. 14-28, Bo Ai traveled to four towns, conducting three-day trainings in each area.

After learning of the persecution these churches faced, he went to the local religious affairs bureau and asked the bureau chief what they had done to break the law. The official responded that their infraction was “…leaving the Three-Self Church.”

On Nov. 4, shortly after the trainings in Jiangxi concluded, Bo Ai traveled to Yunnan province to provide similar training to a house church in Fumin County. This church, which consists primarily of people from the Miao ethnic minority group, was previously administered by the Three-Self Church. A few days before Bo’s arrival, the church received a notice from the local religious affairs bureau, stating that officials would be visiting the church service on Nov. 10. Due to the tense relationships between the government and other house churches, the Fumin County church grew apprehensive and hired Bo Ai to teach them about their legally-mandated rights. The Christians reported that, as their awareness of the law improved, so did their courage.

China Aid supports training endeavors like this, which equip Chinese citizens with knowledge to defend their rights and religious freedom.

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