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Multiple raids in Xinjiang, 5 detained

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The detention notice for Fang Jianying. A translation of this
document is available upon request. (Photo: China Aid)
China Aid
Translated by Carolyn Song. Written in English by Ava Collins.

(Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang—Dec. 26, 2015) Authorities across China’s western Xinjiang province have detained various individuals in multiple raids since mid-November.

Police detained approximately 60 Christians during a raid on a Nov. 18 gathering and confiscated computers and projectors. All of the detainees were released after half an hour, except for three: Huo Jinrong, Li Yan, and Pan Xianglong. According to Pan’s wife, Huo and Li were supposed to be released on Nov. 20 but were not, and all three are still held in the Ili Kazakh Detention Center.

Additionally, in Poskum County, Xinjiang, two women, Fang Jianying and Chen Ai’e, were detained for unknown reasons on Dec. 11. The detention was scheduled to end on Dec. 15, but there is no word on their release.

China Aid works to expose legal infringements and persecution such as the detentions faced by these Xinjiang Christians.

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