China formally arrests prominent human rights lawyers on subversion charges

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Authorities formally arrest Wang Yu
and husband Bao Longjun on subversion
charges on Jan. 13, 2016. (Photo: AP)
China Aid
By Rachel Ritchie

(Tianjin, China—Jan. 13, 2016) Officials in China’s northern Tianjin Municipality formally arrested two prominent Chinese human rights lawyers on subversion charges today, according to Reuters.

Wang Yu and her husband Bao Longjun were both formally arrested and charged with “subversion of state power,” a serious charge, and “inciting subversion of state power,” respectively, according to Radio Free Asia.

The couple was detained in Beijing in the nation-wide crackdown on legal professionals in July 2015. Additionally, the couple’s son, Bao “Mengmeng” Zhuoxuan, was prohibited from leaving China to attend high school in Australia.

When Bao Mengmeng attempted to flee China in October, an effort in which China Aid assisted, he and the two Chinese human rights activists traveling with him were abducted in Myanmar. Authorities returned him to his grandmother’s home in the northern Chinese region of Inner Mongolia where his movements have been monitored 24/7.

China Aid joins other human rights organizations in expressing concern and outrage over Wang’s arrest.

China Aid reports on cases such as Wang’s arrest to expose the abuses perpetrated by the Chinese government in order to promote rule of law in China.

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