Chongqing Bible college students, local church employees attend legal training

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Christians attend a legal training session in Yunnan in
November 2015. (China Aid Stock Photo)
China Aid
Reported in Chinese by Bo Ai. Translated by Carolyn Song. Written in English by Rachel Ritchie.

(Chongqing, China—May 5, 2016) The founder of the Chinese Christian Faith and Legal Training Camp conducted a three-day training session in China’s southwestern Chongqing Municipality at the request of the president of the Chongqing True Faith Fellowship’s Enyu Bible College.

The training session was conducted with the 2016 graduating class, which consists of 27 students. Additionally, 50 Christians from surrounding areas were invited to and attended the training.

According to Bo Ai, who conducted the training, the session introduced the 87 participants to the current state of religion in China and the legal knowledge required to defend the right to religious freedom.

One Christian told Bo that the churches felt helpless when they encountered persecution, but, after the training session, he felt the churches would be able to deal with the illegal administration of law enforcement. He added that he hoped Bo would be able to continue to teach such sessions to more churches.

China Aid supports rule of law trainings similar to this one in order to equip spiritual and community leaders. To partner with China Aid in its effort to ensure religious practitioners are able to defend their right to religious freedom according to Chinese constitutional and international law, click here.

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