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China Aid works closely with the international community to advocate for individual religious freedom and related human rights abuse cases and expose government sponsored persecution campaigns. The following campaigns have united human rights advocates in over sixty countries and together have issued calls to action urging international leaders to speak out on behalf of the persecuted. These campaigns embolden Chinese victims of religious freedom and human rights abuse to defend their rights according to Chinese and International law.

Free Yang Hua
Yang Hua, one of the pastors of Huoshi Church in Guiyang, the capital of China’s southwestern Guizhou province, has been held in police custody since December 9, 2015, after he resisted the authorities’ attempts to confiscate church property. Officials accused him of the “crime of obstruction of justice” and “gathering a crowd to disturb social order,” and sentenced him to five days in administrative detention for each charge. On December 20, the day he was scheduled to be released, his wife received an official notice stating that he had been transferred to criminal detention on suspicion of “illegally holding state secrets. 

After a month of detention, during which he was unable to meet with his lawyers, Yang Hua was arrested for “divulging state secrets” on January 22, a crime that the Chinese government often imposes on pastors who publicly oppose government attempts to restrict religious practice.

China 18 Campaign
China Aid launched the China 18 campaign, a coalition of nearly 40 human rights and faith based organizations, to raise the plight of 18 prominent prisoners of conscious in China.

The 18 prisoners of conscience of the China 18 represent thousands of men and women in China who work at their peril to promote and advocate for the rule of law, religious freedom, democracy, and basic human rights. As a result, these brave Chinese citizens face harassment, incarceration, torture, and often with similar consequences for their family members. Thus, we urge you to raise the cases of the China 18 by name, press for their immediate and unconditional release, and make it clear to Chinese government authorities that the international community will not let their efforts be in vain.

Free Alimujiang
China Aid launched the Free Alimujiang campaign with other concerned organizations to advocate for the immediate release of Alimujiang Yimiti.

Born an ethnic Uyghur, Alimujiang Yimiti faced extreme persecution when he denied the cultural and religious norms of his region to become a Christian. On January 12, 2008, Alim was arrested and detained on charges of conducting "illegal religious activities," which were later changed to "divulging state secrets." After two secret trials, Alim was sentenced to 15 years in prison, simply for being a Uyghur Christian. Alim has remained in prison since 2008.

Free Gao
China Aid launched the Free Gao campaign to call for the immediate release and sustained freedom of Gao Zhisheng. The campaign has been supported by more than 150,000 concerned global citizens.

The Chinese government’s persecution of human rights defense lawyer Gao Zhisheng began in 2005, when the Beijing Judicial Bureau revoked his law license and ordered his practice to shut down. In 2006, Gao was convicted of “inciting subversion of state power” and sentenced to a three-year prison term with a five-year probation. However, he was released soon after for reasons unknown. Beginning in September 2007, Gao disappeared into and reappeared from police custody multiple times. No explanation was given for this treatment until the official Xinhua News Agency reported in a short English-only dispatch on Dec. 16, 2011, that Gao had violated the terms of his parole and was being sent back to jail, in far western Xinjiang to serve a three-year prison term.

Although Gao was released from prison on Aug 7, 2014, he has been under strict surveillance and denied freedom of movement, including access to desperately-needed medical and dental care.

Free ZhangKai
Human rights lawyer and Christian Zhang Kai has been held in police custody since Aug. 25, 2015. Police climbed the walls of Xialing Church in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, where Zhang Kai was staying while he legally defended the church against the forced demolition of its cross, and took him into custody. Shortly after his apprehension, he was placed under “residential surveillance in a designated location,” better known as a “black jail”—a place where coercion tactics and torture are all too common. February 25 marked the authorities’ six-month deadline to take legal action against Zhang Kai after taking him into custody.

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