Write to the Authorities

You can write to or call the governments that are persecuting Christians to express your protest.

Beijing City Government (persecutors of Shouwang Church)
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Mailing Address:
Guo Jinlong (Mayor)
2 Zheng Yi Road,
Dong Cheng District
China, 100744

Linyi City Government (persecutors of  Chen Guangcheng)
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Mailing Address: 
Zhang Shaojun (Linyi City's Communist Party Secretary)
57 Jin Que Shan Road,
Lan Shan Distric,
Linyi City, Shandong Province
China,  276001 
Phone: (86) 0539-8312001

Note: the one who persecutes Chen Guangcheng mostly is Zhang Jian, mayor of Shuang Hou Township, Lin Yi City.

Xinjiang Province Government (persecutors of  Alim)
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Mailing Address:  
Zhang Chunxian (Xinjiang Province's Communist Party Secretary)
2 Jian Kang Road,
Urumqi, Xinjiang
China, 830003
Phone:  (86) 0991-2810974

Suqian City Government ( persecutors of  Shi Enhao )
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Mailing Address:   
Mou Ruilin (Suqian City's Communist Party Secretary)
1 Nan Hu Road,
Su Cheng District
Suqian City, Jiangsu Province
China, 223800
Phone:  (86) 0527-84368012

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