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Write to the Authorities

Please write or call the government officials that are responsible for the persecution of Christians and other prisoners of conscious to express your concern for their unjust imprisonment and demand their immediate release. 

Shouwang - Beijing City Government
Click for details on Shouwang case.

Mailing Address:
Wang Anshun (Mayor)
2 Zheng Yi Road,
Dong Cheng District,
China, 100744

Alim - Xinjiang Province Government
Click for details on Alim's case.

Mailing Address:
Zhang Chunxian (Xinjiang Province Communist Party Secretary)
2 Jian Kang Road,
Urumqi, Xinjiang Province,
China, 830003

Pastor Zhang Shaojie - Henan Province Higher Court
Click for details on Pastor Zhang Shaojie's case.

Mailing Address:
Zhang Liyong (Chief Justice)
282 Jinshui Road,
Zhengzhou, Henan Province,
China, 450008

"Bob Fu has dedicated his life to bringing freedom of religion to the Chinese people. His story is a testimony to the power of faith and an inspiration to people struggling to break free from oppression."
—Mrs. Laura Bush

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