Appeals from Changchunli Church Disregarded

Monday, November 1, 2010


ChinaAid Association
(SHANDONG – Nov. 1, 2010) Changchunli Church has been targeted for persecution by the government in Shandong since last summer. About two weeks ago, they began to formally submit paperwork to different government agencies concerning the attack on the church and members on Wanda Square.
On October 20, church members applied for a demonstration permit at Ji’nan Municipal Public Security Bureau to demand that the perpetrators who attacked church members on September 23 be seriously punished. They also requested that those who hired the attackers at Wanda be punished and that the illegal demolition and removal agreement be revoked.
On the morning of October 25, they went to Ji’nan Bureau of Planning and found out that the church being built by Wanda of Ji’nan has no paperwork and or planning. Besides, it does not have the five permits required or the registration for quality supervision. It is an illegal building.  According to the “Law of Urban and Rural Planning,” an order must be issued to stop the construction on the church.
That afternoon, they proceeded to Shizhong District Law Enforcement Bureau for Urban Management in Ji’nan to report an illegal construction and demanded that the Bureau for Urban Management investigate the case. The Bureau for Urban Management accepted and filed a case, but there were obvious signs in their speech that they favored the developers. As of today, the construction of the church has yet to be suspended.
The church members noticed on October 26 that the Supervision Station on Construction Quality in Ji’nan issued a notice of administrative penalty on Wanda for the illegal construction of the church on October 22.  However, the penalty was never enforced.
Next, they petitioned at the Municipal Bureau for Urban Management and asked why the illegal construction has not been stopped. The clerk who received them said, “Because Wanda Square is a key project and it is written in the summary of the Municipal government’s meetings, the work on the construction site must not be stopped. If some paperwork is needed, it can be submitted retroactively.
“Our department is a functional department of the municipal government. If the municipal government violates the law, tell me, who enforces the law upon us?” There is an audio recording available as proof of what was spoken.
An express courier package was sent to Shizhong District Bureau for Urban Management in Ji’nan on October 29. Included was Changchunli Church’s “Application of Demanding Exercise of Your Legal Functions,” in which they demanded the Bureau for Urban Management strictly enforce the law and investigate and punish those involved in the illegal construction on Wanda Square.
In the meantime, they called and asked about answers to the tips on the illegal construction provided to the authorities on October 25. They were told that the person in charge was not there.
ChinaAid supports this Three-Self church as they fight for their rights. Even though their congregation has been sanctioned by the government, they have been systematically oppressed and abused for attempting to exercise their rights as Chinese citizens. Please pray that they will stand strong in their faith and continue to willingly respect the authorities.

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