Two house churches in Xinjiang persecuted; three Sunday School teachers detained.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

China Aid Association

(Hotan, Xinjiang—July 31) China Aid Association learned that the Xinjiang Hetian Church suffered yet another instance of persecution. Brother Zhong Shuguang and a female believer were arrested and charged with illegally gathering; they could be held for 15 days. Refer to an earlier report at

In addition, the Sunday School summer camp of a house church at Urumqi, Xinjiang was raided. Teachers and students were taken to the police station and subjected to physical abuse.

On the morning of July 24, 2012, a Sunday School summer camp was being held for 28 children at the home of Sunday School teacher Bao Yun (which is located at Sandaoba, Midong District, Urumqi, Xinjiang), when seven to eight people broke into her home. The intruders refused to identify themselves, but forcefully barred the door preventing exit, and took photos of those present. The three female Sunday School teachers (Bao Yun, Wang Xinxin, and Luo Qinqin, asked the intruders to stop taking pictures and leave, but the intruders summoned a larger group of people including police from the local Yangmaogong police station, and agents from the branch office and municipal office of the Domestic Security Protection Department. The large group forced their way into Bao Yun’s home and encircled the children and the elderly people of the household, proclaiming that this was an illegal gathering. The group took the 28 students (mainly junior high school students, 14 to 17 years of age), three Sunday School teachers, and Bao Yun’s husband Chen (also a believer), by force to the Yangmaogong police station. Children who refused to go to the police station were violently drug off into police vehicles. Some children were injured from being drug on the ground and/or being beaten. Bao Yun’s mother fainted from being violently drug, pushed, and pulled. She was sent to a local hospital and only woke up after a few hours of emergency treatment.

According to neighbors, after the Sunday School teachers, students, and Bao
Yun’s husband and mother were violently taken away, a group of plainclothes
police (reportedly from the municipal Domestic Security Protection Department)
broke into Bao Yun’s home through windows and confiscated computers, Christian
books, and other items. Yangmaogong police station later produced a list of
confiscated items. Bao Yun’s husband Chen was held and interrogated from noon
until 11:00pm before he was finally released. When he returned home he found
that the electricity had been cut off, and the home was in complete darkness. Some
students were held and interrogated until 2:00 or 3:00am on July 25th before being
released. Later on July 25th, Chen checked the list of confiscated items produced
by the police station, and found that the police had omitted any mention of gold
rings and glasses which had been taken and were worth 2,000 yuan. After the three
Sunday School teachers including Bao Yun had been held for more than 24 hours,
Chen inquired at the police station and learned that they had been transferred to the
Liudaowan detention center. As of July 28th the three teachers were still being
held, but the police and detention center did not provide any legal notification such
as notice of administrative detention, or notice of criminal detention.

Chen and family members of the other two teachers have inquired at the police station many times to find out about their missing family members, but have not been provided with any specific information. Chen’s home has been without electricity since the assault was made on July 24th; he has appealed to many agencies and has not received any reply. Some students who were forcefully intimidated and assaulted by police at the police station have evidenced psychological problems in the aftermath, and their parents are concerned for them.

ChinaAid will closely observe and monitor further proceedings from this premeditated and violent persecution of Christians. We strongly condemn the barbarous and unlawful violation of citizens’ freedom of religious beliefs and basic human rights. We call on the Urumqi government and police to unconditionally and immediately release the three teachers (Bao Yun, Wang Xinxin, and Luo Qinqin), return all of the items confiscated from them and Bao Yun’s home, and restore the electric supply to Chen’s home without delay. We also urgently call on brothers and sisters everywhere to pray for the three persecuted sisters and their church. Please pay attention to ChinaAid’s updates on this case.

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