Chinese Human Rights Defenders reports Chen Guangcheng's brother getting death threats, attackers throw stones at his home (PHOTOS)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chinese Human Rights Defenders by Lin Sen,  information officer

Today (April 21), unidentified people again threatened Chen Guangfu, the eldest brother of Chen Guangcheng, with death, and his house was suddenly attacked by a hail of stones for a half hour, smashing some windows and damaging many roof tiles. Outside the gate, someone had placed a dead duck and some fake money that local villagers burn at memorial services for the dead.

This website's information officer called Chen Guangfu and learned:  At 1:06 a.m. today, a hail of stones suddenly flew into Chen Guangfu's house.  Bricks, stones and broken tiles were all thrown towards his house, lasting for about half an hour.

After sunrise, Chen Guangfu found stones everywhere in the yard and some doors and windows were damaged. Many roof tiles were also damaged.  When he pushed open the door, he found a dead duck and a pile of fake money for the dead.

Fake money is what the local villagers burn when performing rituals in honor of their dead relatives and friends.  There is a custom in the local area:  placing fake money in front of a person's door is the worst curse to the family who lives there and is a death threat to the family.

On April 18, when Xia Xing, an artist from Beijing, and three others were in Dongshigu taking videos and photos around Chen Guangcheng's home, they were beaten by village party secretary Chen Guangshan and Liu Changsheng, head of the Security Joint Defense Force.  During the incident, Dongshigu village party secretary Chen Guangshan, asked Chen Guangfu: “Did you invite these people here?” Chen Guangfu answered, “Yes.”

That night, two dead chickens and a dead duck were thrown into Chen Guangfu's house.  This is a curse and a threat used by the local villagers; it means death and conveys the idea that killing the person is as easy as killing a chicken or a duck.

Overnight on April 19, “small character posters” popped everywhere in this mountain village of 100 or so households in Dongshigu. The “small character posters” viciously attacked and slandered Chen Guangcheng and threatened Chen Guangfu, saying that his legs would be broken!

Another development is that, although the official guards at Dongshigu were withdrawn after Chen Guangcheng left for the United States last year, the village soon afterwards set up a “Security Joint Defense Force” headed by party secretary Chen Guangshan and Liu Changsheng, a villager who had been ordered several times to harm and persecute Chen Guangcheng's family.  They tell outsiders that the purpose is to “protect the villagers' property and safety.”  In fact, it is to monitor Chen Guangcheng's family members, especially his eldest brother Chen Guangfu, and all the people who come to contact their family.

This Security Joint Defense Force has been closely monitoring Chen Guangfu's family and has on many occasions tried to prevent friends from coming to visit Chen Guangcheng's mother and Chen Guangfu.  Due to its existence, Dongshigu has become a famous “model village” as far security is concerned.

At the time of this report, we received word that at 6:34 a.m. this morning, Chen Guangfu called the police and the police have arrived on the scene and made a written record. So far, there is no result.

Yinan County Public Security Bureau: 0539-3777110
Shuanghou Police Station: 0539-3775472

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