Guangdong couple has personal information released by local family planning committee in notice after missing IUD inspections

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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This is the notice containing the couple's
personal information. A translation is
available below.
(Guangzhou, Guangdong—Nov. 6, 2013) The Jiahe Family Planning Committee posted a notice containing personal information about a couple in Guangzhou, the capital city of China’s southern Guangdong province, on Oct. 10 after the wife missed several IUD and pregnancy inspections.

The notice, which will be posted for a total of 30 days, listed information such as the couple’s birthdates, birthplaces, anniversary and their daughter’s birthdate. The notice also revealed whether or not the couple’s daughter had been conceived with approval.

The notice encouraged neighbors to report any pregnancies experienced by the couple between Sept. 10, 2007 and Feb. 5, 2010, which is the period of time that the couple reportedly missed the inspections. It is unknown why family planning officials are only now taking action against the couple.

In the past, spokespersons for China’s Foreign Ministry and party leaders have insisted that participation in China’s birth control policy is voluntary. However, in Guangzhou, considered a relatively open-minded city, voluntary participation is not advocated. Instead, privacy rights are infringed. Citizens are pressed to expose their neighbors “illegal pregnancies.”

Below is the translation of the notice:

Public Notice

Herewith are residents: Zhan Yueying, female, born on November 12, 1970, original household registration at 469 Chengwai Road, Aoxi town, Le'an county, Jiangxi province; Zhao Haiming, male, original household registration at 73 Leming Yi Street, Room 520, Baiyun district, Guangzhou city, Guangdong province. The two were married on June 11, 2007. Before the marriage, they had an illegitimate girl in October 1995. The aforementioned three people now live at 73 Leming Yi Street, Room 520, Baiyun district, Guangzhou city, Guangdong province.

From September 10, 2007 to February 5, 2010, Zhan Yueying did participate in the “IUD and pregnancy inspection” conducted by the Jiahe Street birth control department during this period. In accordance with the provisions of Articles 25 & 62 of the Population and Family Planning Regulations of Guangdong Province, women of childbearing age shall on their own initiative take part in the “IUD and pregnancy inspection” on schedule. Women who do not follow the regulations and participate in the pregnancy inspections should submit to inspection, supervision and being reported on by the masses.

The situation of Zhan Yueying and her husband are now made public as above. If the masses discover that Zhan Yueying and her husband had unauthorized births during the period of no IUD inspections (September 10, 2007 to February 5, 2010 ), please promptly report this information to the Yue Street neighborhood committee ( Tel: 86170899 ) or the Jiahe Street Birth Control Office ( Tel: 86176587 )

Public notification period: 30 days

Comments of the person named: Agree to the contents of public notice above

Signature and fingerprint: (Signature and fingerprint of Zhan Yueying)

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