Update: Zhejiang churches face demolition of crosses topping church building

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The cross topping a Three-Self church in Hangzhou was
forcibly removed on Feb. 27. (Photo: China Aid)
China Aid Association
(Hangzhou, Zhejiang—March 18, 2014) China Aid has learned that plans to demolish crosses outside churches in coastal Zhejiang, as reported earlier this month, have been postponed.

Ms. Li, a member of a house church in Hangzhou, the provincial capital of Zhejiang, said the church was told that for the time being, no action was going to be taken against
the church.

However, a pastor from the city told China Aid that the demolitions are just about to start back up and were delayed only for the duration of the National Political Consultative Conference and National People’s Congress, which took place earlier this month.

“The information we have received is that the crosses will still be demolished,” the pastor said. “The reason why they haven’t demolished the crosses here is because of the ‘Two Sessions.’ After the ‘Two Sessions’ are over, they will still demolish them.”

Believers told China Aid the demolition was an act of “rectification” for the crosses being “too conspicuous and splashy” according to Zhejiang’s party secretary Xia Baolong, who inspected the area on Jan. 8 (http://www.chinaaid.org/2014/03/three-self-churches-in-zhejiang-anhui.html).

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