Pastor's wife attacked, limbs bound with packing tape by Shenyang police

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Li shows the inside of her lip,
which was busted when
Shenyang police attacked her
in her home on May 27, 2015.
(Photo: China Aid)
China Aid
By Rachel Ritchie

(Shenyang, Liaoning–May 28, 2015) Police in China’s northeastern Liaoning beat a woman in her home yesterday for no apparent reason and videotaped the attack while her husband, with whom the Shenyang Domestic Security Protection Squad (DSPS) had arranged a meeting for the following day, was away from home.

The Shenyang DSPS contacted Pastor Wang Zhongliang yesterday to schedule a meeting for today to discuss an “instance of distributing religious flyers,” Wang said.

Later that day, while Wang was away on an unrelated errand, Shenyang police knocked on his door. Wang’s wife, Mrs. Li, at first refused to open the door because her ID had been confiscated the day before.

“Once I opened the door, two people barged into my home,” Li said. “I asked them if they had a warrant to search my home. I had only asked once when one of the officers started to beat me. I called for help, and he beat me even more. I told him I would record him with my phone. Then, he snatched my phone and beat me. The more I yelled for help, the more he beat me.

“They pushed me on the bed and covered my mouth and bound my hands and feet with packing tape. When I tried to get free, they beat me again,” Li said.

Li suffered scratches bruises
on her neck from the attack.
(Photo: China Aid)
Li also told China Aid the two police officers’ names were Zhang and Su and that Su videotaped the beating. At some point, a downstairs neighbor heard Li calling for help and called the Shenyang DSPS, Li said.

“After the people from the DSPS came, they started to ask me questions. The police officer was still beating me. I begged the DSPS officers to stop him. Then, I was taken to the Shenyang Police Station,” Li said. “At the police station, I asked why I was attacked, but the police officer would not admit that he beat me. He asked me to sign a confession, and I refused. He then said he would forbid Shenyang schools to allow my son to attend and would force my landlord to evict me.”

Li said she didn’t know how long the situation in her home lasted because she became dizzy from the abuse.

A China Aid reporter contacted the local police station and was told to contact a “higher authority” for information on the incident.

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