Following death, organ harvesting of prisoner, China Aid releases statement

Monday, December 12, 2016

Peng Ming poses in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San
Francisco, California before his arrest.
(Photo: China Aid)
China Aid

(Midland, Texas—Dec. 12, 2016) On Saturday, China Aid’s Chinese website released an official statement on the death of a prominent human rights activist and Christian, who died under suspect circumstances in China’s central Hubei province.

Peng Ming—a pro-democracy and human rights activist who was serving a life sentence on trumped up charges of organizing and leading a terrorist organization, kidnapping and possessing counterfeit money—collapsed while watching television and was unresponsive to resuscitation attempts, official rhetoric states. However, his family is suspicious of his cause of death and demanded an autopsy conducted by an independent, international medical professional.

Before such an autopsy could take place, officials interrogated Peng’s brother for six hours and attempted to force him to sign a document permitting them to take some abdominal tissue from Peng in order to conduct “scientific experiments.” After his brother refused, authorities violated the family’s will and dissected Peng on Dec. 5, removing vital organs, such as his brain and heart.

Below is a translation of China Aid’s report.

China Aid reports abuses, such as those experienced by Peng and his family, in order to stand in solidarity with persecuted Christians and promote religious freedom, human rights and rule of law in China.

Urgent news from China Aid and exclusive release of the statement of Peng Ming’s family:  Christian prisoner Peng Ming's Organs, Including Heart and Brain Without Family’s Consent. On Dec. 5, the government tried to force the family members to sign an agreement, but they were turned down. China Aid calls upon the international community to condemn this act and pay close attention.

Midland, Texas (Dec. 10, 2016)

On Dec. 10, Human Rights Day, in Midland, Texas, China Aid got the news from the family of Peng Ming, who was a Christian democratic leader, that Peng Ming’s organs had been harvested secretly and forcibly on Dec. 5. The authorities tried to force the family members to sign the agreement, but they were turned down. Now, we call upon the international community to condemn these acts and pay close attention to this case.

On Dec. 5, Peng Ming's brother was detained for 6 consecutive hours of interrogation and pressured and threatened to sign. Officials claimed that, “for scientific experiments, we need to cut a little bit of abdominal muscle from Peng Ming’s body.” Peng Ming's brother was determined not to sign, but it was useless. Later, the brother was taken to the morgue and only showed [Peng’s] face, which was covered with a cloth, for one second. Then, it was immediately covered again. He was then informed that Peng’s brain and heart and other organs had all been removed.

The authorities had promised overseas family members that Peng Ming's children and his sister's two children could go to China to attend Peng Ming’s funeral in Hubei province on Dec. 9. In order to be able to see their loved one for the last time, even though they had been insulted, the family did not release the information about the organ harvesting. Several family members had bought tickets, ready to go to China. At this time, the authorities suddenly gave an emergency notification to the family members in China on the morning of Dec. 10, intimidating them into informing the families in the United States, Canada and Sweden that, because of “foreign interference in China's internal affairs,” the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China would only allow designated family representatives into China. They required other family members to refund their tickets and prohibited them access to China.

Pastor Bob Fu, president of China Aid, expressed the strongest condemnation of how the authorities ignore the inhuman and deliberate manipulation of Peng Ming’s family members. In pain, [the family members] expressed their greatest goodwill and expressed their utmost patience for evil actions. They appealed to the international community, particularly the United Nations, the United States, Canada and Sweden, of which the Peng family are citizens, to intervene in an emergency case against the Chinese authorities, who are in violation of international law and their own commitments to protect the human right of life and who ignore public opinion. Once again, we call on Xi Jinping’s government to immediately change this anti-human, anti-people, anti-rule of law behavior and allow Peng Ming’s overseas children and family members into China, without intervening by burying his ashes and give Peng Ming’s items back to his family.

It must be noted that the issue that Peng Ming dying of a heart disease is unprecedentedly serious. It is a symbol. If the international community does not have the power to punish this devastating demon, there will be more Peng Mings later on. The cases of Li Wangyang, Qian Yunhui and Cao Shunli are all unsettled [Editor’s note: These are all prisoners of conscience who died mysterious deaths]; the details of Peng Ming’s case only came out today.

We pray that God will comfort the family members of Peng Ming, who are suffering this excessively brutal blow, and hope that China will soon achieve love and justice.

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