Authorities arrest man who sought heart surgery abroad

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Ethnic minority people from
Xinjiang, such as the man pictured
above, are often unjustly persecuted
for their faith and racially profiled as
people with possible terrorist
connections. (Photo: ChinaAid)

(Yining, Xinjiang—Sept. 20, 2018) Authorities in China’s northwestern Xinjiang arrested a Kazakh man after he traveled abroad for heart surgery nine months ago, ChinaAid recently learned.

Jierebaike Yelimaisi, a native of the region who suffers from heart problems, left China in December 2017 for heart surgery. When he returned on Dec. 22, 2017, police arrested him without providing any reasoning.

His son, Dilimuti Jieryirebaike, said, “We are very worried. Recently, we heard a relative say my innocent father has been sentenced to three years. When we heard this, we were very worried for his health.”

Dilimuti Jieryirebaike also urged the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan to uphold justice and help get his father released as soon as possible.

Another Kazakh, Gulisinayi Biketuerxun, said that the Chinese government detained her uncle, Jieensi Bieken, in a “re-education camp,” taking issue with the contents of his cell phone. In Xinjiang, authorities monitor the online conversations of largely Muslim ethnic minorities, such as the Kazakhs, paranoid that they might have terrorist connections. However, people who so much as install foreign social media apps or discuss traveling abroad have been subjected to arrest and imprisonment in one of the “re-education camps,” which are known to starve, torture, and brainwash inmates.

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