World leaders meet for religious freedom forum in Taiwan

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Taiwan International Religious Freedom
Forum attendees sit with Taiwanese
President Tsai Ing-wen (front row center).
ChinaAid President Bob Fu is seated on the
far right of the second row. (Photo: ChinaAid)

(Hsinchu, Taiwan—June 2, 2019) At the Taiwan International Religious Freedom Forum (TIRFF), leaders from counties around the world convened in Taiwan from Thursday-Saturday to address religious persecution.

The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT), the Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TACHR), ChinaAid, and the Heritage Foundation—all advocates for improved religious freedom throughout the world, hosted the forum—which took place from May 30-June 1. In spotlighting the theme of “Rising to the Challenge,” the forum hoped to promote increased freedom of belief by gathering key, global leaders. Bob Fu, president and founder 
of ChinaAid, represented ChinaAid at the event.

ChinaAid President Bob Fu (third from
right) sits next to Taiwanese Vice
President Chen Chien-jen (second from left),
who attended the Taiwan International
Religious Freedom Forum.
(Photo: ChinaAid)
At TIRFF’s commencement, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen delivered a speech, recalling the “dark path” Taiwan endured on its “road to religious freedom.” She also stated, “Recent reports by international media about conditions in China have also brought troubling news. Christian churches [in China] face [government] suppression. Tibetan Buddhists have been placed under strict control, and, as we speak, Uighur Muslims are being sent to re-education camps. The international community must show its concern and speak out about these developments.”

Tsai’s official office posted her entire speech online, which is available for review by clicking here.

Following the launch, Chen Chien-jen, the Taiwanese Vice President, attended TIRFF’s panel on China’s persecution of Uyghur and Tibetan people.

On May 31, forum attendees discussed research on religious persecution and the part society plays in furthering religious freedom, and the Taiwan Religious Freedom Roundtable was launched that evening. Some initiatives were also talked about, including a declaration against China’s persecution ethnic minorities in its northwestern Xinjiang region (available here), a statement against the forced organ harvesting of prisoners, an emergency mechanism to be used to help those suffering from religious persecution, a healthcare component for persecution victims, and a radio program for religious freedom at Radio Taiwan International (RTI).

On the final day, a press conference for the event was held.

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