Protesters attacked, arrested in Saipan

Friday, December 27, 2019

A Chinese man (in red) faces off with a pro-
Hong Kong protester in Garapan, Saipan.
(Photo: ChinaAid/Screengrab)
(Garapan, Saipan—Dec. 27, 2019) ChinaAid note: The following article was written by a ChinaAid correspondent and regards an incident that happened in Saipan.

Pro-Hong Kong and democratic activists are being persecuted in Saipan, USA! The judicial corruption in Saipan is atrocious because of the deep infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party! Democratic activists were put into jail unfairly, facing life-threatening, dangerous extradition!

We are members of the Saipan Support Hong Kong Union. We have been supporting Hong Kong in multiple ways since the anti-extradition bill movement in Hong Kong [Editor’s note: This refers to a bill introduced in Hong Kong earlier this year. Had the bill passed, it would have allowed criminally-charged Hong Kong residents to be sent to mainland China for trial. The bill has sparked protests, which continue to this day. It was dropped after clashes with the police erupted into violence, but now Hong Kong’s protesters are demanding the resignation of key officials, the release of arrested protesters, etc.]. Since then, we have faced multiple assaults from people who are pro-Chinese Communist Party. We were attacked by a Chinese woman on Sept. 1, 2019, during our parade to protest. She damaged our protesting signs when she threw stones at us. We called the police right away, and our case was recorded by the police. The police have seen the attacker. However, the case has not been processed even up unto today! We were also railed against and surrounded by pro-Chinese Communist Party people during our peaceful march on Sept. 8, 2019.

During our peaceful protest on Dec. 22, 2019, we were railed against and provoked by multiple young Chinese people. They were trying to snatch the phone a young girl was using to video record the protest. When we passed the “I Love Saipan” store and moved forward, a Chinese man rushed out from Dongfang Seafood Restaurant and scolded and provoked us with his fingers, and we confronted him. Suddenly, he attacked Li Min's throat. Li Min was forced to defend himself, and then a Chinese woman and two Chinese men rushed out. They participated in the attack on us. The others in our team discouraged them, but they were also attacked by them. Li Min stepped back along the road. They continued to abuse, attack Li Min’s head, and threaten. After the police arrived, they arrested us directly based on wrongful allegations made by the attacker (Chinese man in red) without asking any information from us, not asking who the attacker and who the victim was,. We were only standing up and speaking for justice, for the numerous students and young people killed by the Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong [Editor’s note: ChinaAid cannot confirm that numerous young people were killed in Hong Kong]. With the passage of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act in the United States, the Saipan police should have protected our marches and protests. Instead, we have been treated unfairly by the police. Four of our victims were put into jail, while none of the attackers were arrested. We requested hospital treatment for two of our wounded victims but were denied by the police!

Only when the police realized that we were severely wounded did they send us to a hospital for treatment. None of the attackers were arrested. Without bringing us to trial or in for questioning, the Saipan police arbitrarily determined that we were guilty and were “disturbing the peace,” as announced in a press release on their official Facebook [Editor’s note: From the police’s Facebook page, it appears that the authorities did not give them a formal conviction. Instead, they were charged with “disturbing the peace” and taken into custody]:

The Chinese Communist Party’s newspaper “Saipan Chinese Newspaper” quoted the police and slandered us with added interpretations. These has deeply damaged our family members and our dignity and reputation! We have video proof that it was the two Chinese people who attacked us first, yet they were treated as “victims” by the police. Who would have thought that, as Christians and human right activists persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party in China, we would continue facing political persecution on American soil? We want to ask: does Saipan belong to America or the Chinese Communist Party?!

We are in a perilous situation. Our every march and protest are being watched and videotaped by the Chinese Communist spies. Our personal whereabouts are also often followed. We hereby call on the community to look out for us, support us, and provide legal aid to us. We call on the FBI and government officials to investigate this situation. Thank you!

ChinaAid note: The following contains video footage of the protests and attacks.

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