Let Freedom Ring: A Statement by an Exiled, Persecuted Pro-HK Protest Activist Alex

Friday, March 6, 2020

(Photo: Courtesy of Vocus)

(Midland, Texas—March 6, 2020) ChinaAid note: The following statement was written by a Chinese man who traveled to Hong Kong to participate in the pro-democracy protests.

Hi everyone. I'm Alex.

On Oct. 30, 2019, I arrived in Hong Kong in order to join the Hong Kong protest. After two days, I was attacked by an anti-protest thug, and at this point, more than four months has passed.

During more than three months in Hong Kong, after two days of the attack, I joined the protest in Victoria Park, and continued to join protests, assemblies, activities, and rallies more than 100 times in three months.

On Jan. 7, 2020, I began to make speeches as a symbol of the new generation of mainland Chinese students who support the Hong Kong protests.

During the time of the Hong Kong protest, I saw and experienced a great amount of violence from the Hong Kong police and witnessed the process of the Hong Kong police made like the mainland.

However, I was really touched by the spirit of the Hong Kong protesters fighting for freedom and democracy. They never give up and still continue to fight.

I was very proud to join them to be a voice for the movement. That was the most valuable time in my life.

Even though I was attacked, even though I met the violence of the police, even though I've had tough days, I never regret going to Hong Kong and stand with the Hongkongers to fight for freedom and battle against the unjust government.

No matter where I am, I will still stand with Hong Kong and put in my effort in order to achieve the final victory of the movement with Hong Kong folks. I'm fully confident in it.

We will find hope in an extremely hopeless time. History will remember our sacrifice and attempts, and we will be the good witnesses of our era.

Finally, I really appreciate all the help and support from:

The United States Department, the American embassy in Hong Kong, the American embassy in Jakarta, my sponsor ChinaAid, a British human rights organization, the Hong Kong protesters, lots of enthusiastic reporters, my Japanese friend, and my Taiwanese friend.

Without you, I couldn't have stayed safe and arrived in the free world. I won't forget all that great effort of yours.

Free Hong Kong! We request freedom and democracy, rule of law, and justice.

Revolution now! We battle against a despotic dictatorship. We battle against the unjust Communist party and their puppet regime led by Carrie Lam.

The dawn always comes after a vast expanse of darkness. The dark night gave us black eyes. We won't only use them to see the light; we will light a free world.

Glory to Hong Kong!

Vive la freedom! Vive la Hong Kong!

God will lead our way and always be with us.

Thank you.


March 5, 2020

Midland, Texas.

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