Three activists vanish

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Chen Mei (left) and Cai Wei (right)
(Photo: 维权网)

(Beijing—May 12, 2020) Three young people vanished in mid-April. Two are now understood to be in custody.

The three are named Cai Wei, Chen Mei, and Xiao Tang. Cai and Chen were both involved with a website called “Ruidian Star.” It is known to fight internet blocking and censorship and backs up deleted articles from Chinese social media platforms.

Xiao and Cai rent an apartment together.

Each was taken away on April 19.

Cai and Xiao’s families both received notices that they have been placed under “designated surveillance.” Cai has been charged with provoking trouble.

A police officer whose surname is Liu said Cai's family did not have to worry about his being abused in prison, as other activists have been. Liu claimed Cai is currently fine.

Cai’s attorney attempted to contact Liu again, but could not get through. She went to see the authorities in person but could not get any more answers. Finally, she applied to the Chaoyang District Procuratorate, asking officials there to supervise the investigation.

Xiao’s lawyer and family have also been trying to contact the police, hoping to get more information. So far, no one has responded.

Chen is still missing, and the family has not received any notice from government departments. They hope to receive news soon. 

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