China restricts minority birth rates

Monday, June 29, 2020

(Urumqi, Xinjiang—June 29, 2020) Chinese authorities have been forcing minority women to take birth control and terminate pregnancies, according to an AP investigation.

In a report published today, the AP stated that Uyghur and other minority women are being subjected to reproductive control. The article recognized that individual minority women had testified to forced anti-reproductive measures before. However, the AP had conducted an investigation and concluded the issue might be more widespread than initially believed.

The investigation was “based on government statistics, state documents and interviews with 30 ex-detainees, family members and a former detention camp instructor,” according to the report.

The measures used to regulate pregnancy have included mandatory testing, forced abortion, sterilization, and the involuntary installation of IUDs.

In addition, the AP said China has conducted searches of minority people’s homes for undocumented children. If anyone is found to have children, the government can send them to Xinjiang’s notorious re-education camps.

These camps have been designed to hold thousands of minority people extralegally, often without charge. China claims they are just “vocational training centers.” However, many of those who have survived the camps have reported being tortured, starved, and forced to work long hours.

The AP report has furthered fears among experts that what is happening in the region might constitute genocide. While it has yet to be officially declared as such, many believe China is trying to eradicate or stunt the growth of minority people groups.

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