Hong Kong arrests 53 protestors

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Protestors show support for
Hong Kong during an NBA
game in 2019.
(Photo: ChinaAid)

(Hong Kong—June 10, 2020) Hong Kong authorities arrested 53 protestors yesterday and fired pepper spray at a gathered crowd.

Last night, hundreds of people filled the streets in the former British colony, marking a year of especially high tensions between the people and the government. 36 men and 17 women were said to be among the arrested. Their charges are still unknown.

In 2019, similar protests flooded the region after Hong Kong authorities tried to pass a bill that would allow locals accused of crimes to be tried in mainland China.

The bill was later dropped due to mass public disapproval. However, it had furthered many Hong Kong citizens’ fears that their rights were being eroded, and protests continued throughout 2019.

The appearance of the coronavirus put a temporary hold on mass protests. However, weeks ago, Beijing introduced a national security law for the region. Once it is implemented, it will pose a threat to protestors and religious people; a similar law is used as an excuse to arrest activists and faith-following people in mainland China

Upon Britain handing Hong Kong over to China in 1997, the region entered a 50-year period during which it was supposed to retain its own legislature, judicial system, and economy. This allowed Hong Kong residents to enjoy increased freedoms as compared to people in mainland China. Many Hong Kong locals have become fierce defenders of their rights.

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