Guo Wengui sends mobs to protest against Pastor Bob Fu and other fellow exiles

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Guo's employees accuse Pastor Bob Fu of working as CCP spy.
(Photo: Youtube)

Guo's employees accuse Pastor Bob Fu of being a fake pastor.
(Photo: Youtube)

(Midland, TX—Oct. 29, 2020) In response to real “elimination” threats from Guo Wengui and ongoing protests by his followers at Pastor Bob Fu’s Midland, Texas home, the FBI has placed Pastor Fu and his family members in protective custody. Although no evidence supports his claim, Guo alleges that Pastor Fu, founder of ChinaAid, works as a spy for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). ChinaAid advocates for religious freedom and provides legal assistance to Christians facing persecution in China. 

In Foreign Policy (FP), published October 28, Nick Aspinwall, wrote:

… Guo’s background and actions raise uncomfortable questions. Guo was once a prominent player in the intertangled network of Chinese business and politics. But he fled China in 2015 after his patron, Vice Minister of State Security Ma Jian, fell, leaving him dangerously exposed. Since then he has attempted to frame himself as a principled critic of the CCP. Upon arriving in the United States, he formed an alliance with former Trump strategist and far-right operative Steve Bannon, who was arrested by federal agents on fraud charges while on Guo’s yacht off the shore of Connecticut in August. The pair launched a self-proclaimed government in exile, the New Federal State of China, and the media company GTV Media Group, which is reportedly being investigated by the FBI and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

GTV’s outlets have served as mouthpieces for Guo and Bannon to spread disinformation about the origin of the coronavirus and publish conspiracy theories about presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden that have reportedly seeped into Trump’s inner circle and the newsroom of the New York Post. The outlets have also been used by Guo to smear dissidents such as Fu. In January, Guo’s GNews website published an article titled “About Bob Fu – A Fake Pastor” that meanders from severe allegations—unsubstantiated accusations of human trafficking and sexual harassment, which Fu denies—to screenshots of Texas properties allegedly owned by Fu’s relatives and critical Google reviews of a winery owned by Fu’s wife.

Accusations that others are really working for the CCP are not unknown in the bitterly contentious world of Chinese dissidents. That’s not surprising, given that the CCP genuinely does spend considerable amounts of time, money, and energy targeting such organizations, which it sees as a deep threat to its rule. But it can also mean personal enmities become political paranoias.

When Foreign Policy reached out to Guo for comments regarding this article, his team responded that they would translate the questions for Guo. They failed to respond to further requests, however. Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have publicly rebuked Guo’s claims and have relayed suspicions regarding his real intents.

Although Pastor Fu has never met Guo and considers his claims absurd, as one of the five U.S.-based Chinese dissidents on the Chinese billionaire’s “hit list,” he takes the bomb and death threats to him and his family seriously—as real.

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