Police abduct Pastor Wang Hai of Yongshan Miao Church

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Countryside bordering city in Yunnan.
(Photo: Flickr)

(Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province—October 17, 2020) Due to China’s news blackout practices, few people know that more than two months ago, police abducted and are secretly detaining Pastor Wang Hai of Yongshan Miao Church. Pastor Wang’s wife reported that she has not received any update regarding him.

After also being covertly detained by Yunnan police, when released, Pastor Wang’s wife posted on WeChat that she needed help. Urging others to follow this event and pray, she stated, “I, as his wife, am devastated because no news about my husband is available.”

Police also arrested Wang Hai’s parents to coerce him to plead guilty to fabricated charges. Pastor Wang’s wife said, “My parents-in-law are missing. As I need to raise our two sons and take care of elderly people at home, I am having financial difficulties.”

In an open letter to Pastor Wang, his wife posted, “What are we three to do without you? What happened to you? I am afraid you have been assassinated.”

Yunnan local police appear to be using church microphone to speak to congregants.
(Photo: China Aid)

A China Aid Association image shows that after Yunnan local police broke into the church Wang Hai pastors, they stood at the pulpit, and appeared to use the church’s microphone to speak to congregants.

China Aid Association will continue to follow this case to make news regarding Pastor Wang Hai known. We urge others to pray for the release of Pastor Wang Hai and his parents; for the help his wife and children need during his “enforced disappearance.”

(Gao Zhensai, China Aid Association Contributing Reporter)

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