Changqing police raid fellowship and administratively detain house church leader Li Chunzhe for disturbing the order of public places [hosting a religious gathering in home]

Friday, November 20, 2020

Copy of Administrative Decree the Kunming Municipal Police Department issued. 
(Photo: ChinaAid)

(Kunming City, Yunnan Province—Nov. 20, 2020) On November 15, Changqing police raided a gathering at the residence of house church leader Li Chunzhe and accused him of attending the fellowship and disturbing the order of public places. According to Mr. Li, a local believer, “personnel from the district religion bureau said that it is illegal for believers to engage in religious events at a venue the government has not approved. Numerous police officers transported all the attendees to the police station for interrogation. That evening, officials released all those they had arrested but one—Li Chunzhe, who remains detained.”

The copy of the Administrative Punishment Decision (provided by the church’s congregants) issued by Kunming Municipal Police Department Panlong Police Station identifies Li Chunzhe as “the law breaker, male, Korean ethnicity, DOB July 27, 1976.” The indictment lists his Hukou address as “Junfa Mingcheng Compound Molihua Complex Ste 3 Room 506, Baoyun community neighborhood, Longquan Sub District, Panlong District, Kunming City.”

Officials who sentenced and fined Li Chunzhe, the leader of a house church located in Kunming, reported:


Li Chunzhe held a fellowship at Beijing Road Compound Ste 5 Room 202, Panlong district on November 15, 2020, around 9 am, which disturbed the order of public places, and it was found by Changqing police station on site on November 15, 2020 around 10 am. Pursuant to Law of the PRC on Public Security Administration Article 23 Clause 1 Item 1, it is decided that Li Chunzhe will be administratively detained for 5 days (November 16-21) and be fined.

Local Christians maintain that members of the house church Li Chunzhe pastors began meeting in the local area approximately 10 years ago. The Sunday worship that the primarily elderly residents attend, they insist, does not disrupt nor disturb the lives of their neighbors. Police disrupted their peaceful, neighborhood service, however, after the members repeatedly rejected requests by police and officials of the Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs that they attend a Three Self Church [Chinese Communist Party sanctioned].

Authorities reportedly plan to release Li Chunzhe, the house church administrative leader being administratively detained at Kunming Municipal Detention Center, on November 21.

George, Special Reporter for ChinaAid Association 

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