As the CCP secretly detains human rights lawyer Cheng Weiping a second time, his parents publicly protest

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Parents of Cheng Weiping protesting CCP's torture tactics of him during detention. 
(Photo: ChinaAid)

(BaoJi, Shaanxi Province—Dec. 23, 2020) On December 14, Chang Shuanming (father) and mother of Chang Weiping, a human rights lawyer, protested and pleaded for his release in front of the Gaoxin branch, BaoJi Municipal Public Security Bureau. For the second time in approximately two months, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials have secretly detained and tortured Attorney Cheng.

Last Monday, as Attorney Chang's parents protested, each wore a placard around their necks with the slogans: “Save my son from torture," and "As the law permits, let us live with our son." After protesting less than five minutes, plainclothes public security personnel arrived and pushed Attorney Chang’s father-in-law, who had accompanied them, into the bureau's main lobby. Officers escorted Attorney Chang’s brother-in-law also present, to the nearest police station.

Before their protest, Attorney Chang’s parents had filed a complaint against the BaoJi City Gaoxin District’s Public Security Bureau for using torture tactics toward him. They had requested that authorities investigate and punish those responsible. Mr. Chang (father) had also requested to live with his son under “residential surveillance in a designated location,” a legal form of detention. Not wanting his son to suffer alone, he reasoned that if authorities do not release his son, they should detain him as well. 

Mr. Chang (father) presented the following three appeals to authorities regarding Attorney Chang:

  1. Hold personnel involved in the torture of Chang Weiping accountable before the law.
  2. Given Gaoxin Branch’s acts of torture, higher management may mandate redesignating jurisdiction;
  3.  To prevent personnel from continuing to torture Chang Weiping, grant request to reside under surveillance with him.

Before CCP authorities targeted Lawyer Chang for torturous secret detention, he regularly represented numerous cases of human rights abuses and public welfare violations. Nevertheless, Lawyer Chang's two recent episodes of secret detention appear to relate to the “Xiamen Gathering case,” where activists and lawyers gathered to meet in Xiamen. From December 26, 2019, the Chinese public security ministry successively launched an operation to apprehend human rights lawyers and civil movement activists not only in Fujian, Shandong, Beijing, Hebei, Sichuan, and Zhejiang but in other areas as well. 

Little to no public information exists about this operation concerning various lawyers and activists in Xiamen (Fujian Province), and their participation in the “Xiamen Gathering case."

While Attorney Chang's parents protest and appeal for relief from torture for their son, Bob Fu, founder of ChinaAid Association, calls the Chinese government to release Lawyer Chang Weiping. In addition to standing with the persecuted like Attorney Chang, promoting religious freedom, human rights, and rule of law, ChinaAid appeals to those reading this story to lift Lawyer Chang and his freedom in your prayers.*

*Part 1 of 2.


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