Update: As Guo Feixiong loses contact with "outside," volunteer team concerned he has been “trapped by the police”

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Reflection of CCP barring Guo Feixiong from his scheduled flight to the US. 
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(Shanghai—Jan. 29, 2021) On January 28, shortly after Guo Feixiong arrived at Pudong Airport in Shanghai, preparing to board an international flight to San Francisco, authorities from the Chinese Ministry of Public Security [Chinese Communist Party (CCP)] intercepted him under “suspicion of endangering national security.”

Mr. Guo recounted his initial Pudong Airport incident:  

After passing the security screening, at the last checkpoint—the service desk of the Chinese Customs Border counter rejected my departure. I then started an indefinite hunger strike on the spot. This is the last step to leave the Chinese borders … ; I have already with the customs procedures. I am going to go on a hunger strike on the spot indefinitely.

... Guangzhou’s state security will board a plane overnight to come and seize me. This is a tough battle; it has entered the front-line clash.


Guo Feixiong recently issued an urgent open letter to the higher-up CCP leaders, including Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, and Li Zhanshu, calling on them to carry forward the spirit of humanitarianism and be civilized. He requested that they immediately stop the secret manipulations of officials from the Ministry of Public Security plans to illegally obstruct his trip to the US to take care of his wife who lives in the US, Ms. Zhang Qing, after her surgery for colon cancer with liver metastasis.

Nevertheless, CCP authorities barred Mr. Guo from boarding his scheduled flight.

Meng Yuanxin, a pro-democracy scholar, currently residing in the US, asserted:

Overall, I am not optimistic about Guo Feixiong’s circumstance because, since the beginning of the Hu-Wen administration, there was even a decrease in cases of hostage diplomacy. Observing the conduct of Xi, the Rule of Law is in even greater decline to the point where it is unscrupulous, startling, and dumbstruck. CCP leaders are scornful and dismissive of hostage diplomacy. Even so, I still sincerely call on the higher-ups in the CCP to consider the most traditional and basic notion of human relations; to treat Guo Feixiong kindly—to allow him to travel to the US and take care of his sick wife and their kids. They have been separated for ten years.

Mr. Guo (born Yang Maodong), a 54-year-old civil scholar and former lawyer who advocates for democratic works to protect civil rights, has been honored as a “civil rights hero” for his activism in rights protection and demands for the CCP officials’ disclosure. Consequently, CCP authorities have detained him four times and jailed him twice. He spent 11 out of the last 15 years in prison.

 Guo Feixiong at the airport prior to being barred from flight to the US. 
(Photo: Handout)

At noon on the 28th Eastern Time in the US [1am on the 29th in Shanghai], those on the outside had lost contact with Mr. Guo. His American volunteer team initially deduced that he is “trapped by the police.”

When Pastor Bob Fu, president of ChinaAid, learned of Mr. Guo's situation, he immediately contacted the US State Department to express concerns and the need for the US to address this urgent international humanitarian critical situation.


A righteous man regards the life of his animal, 
the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.

                                                                                                                   ~ Proverbs 12:10 (NKJV)

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