Christian villager seeks compensation for demolished house

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

(Jiake village, Yunnan Province—October 20, 2021) The Chinese government demolished Kai Yiduo’s house, a Christian of the Lisu ethnicity, last year. Kai has still not received compensation.


Kai Yiduo is a villager of Paigu group in Jiake village, Yunnan Province. He did not receive much education but started to become a Jesus follower with his parents in 1980. In July 1985, Kai Yiduo was very sick, and his parents asked a minister of a Christian church to pray for Kai. The Lord healed Kai, and he served the church passionately since.


This October, the local government, the Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement Church, and the Christian Council removed him from his teaching position in the nine churches in Jiake village. They banned him from participating in any church affairs because Kai required that the government compensate him for the forcible demolition of his house.


Kai Yiduo recounts the government’s promises from last year:


“[They said] the old houses in the village would not be demolished. You could give a shot to the poverty alleviation housing for a year. If you can’t adjust, you can return.”


Brother Kai Yiduo said that the government forcibly demolished the common people’s houses in the homestead. They coerced villagers to obtain keys to poverty alleviation housing and prohibited them from returning the keys. Two of Brother Kai’s houses were destroyed in the homestead.


“They said compensation was for those who are voluntary to tear down their homes. There is no compensation for those the government forcibly demolished!” He doesn’t think that it is reasonable. He reported his story to upper-level leaders, but it was not solved.


Kai hoped to draw attention from related departments by writing a letter to the central government. ChinaAid sources obtained his letter in its entirety:




~Yu Bing, ChinaAid Association Contributing Reporter

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