Police raid the home of Early Rain Church family—three Christians arrested

Friday, October 29, 2021

Shu Qiong's son injured during the raid
(Photo: Early Rain Covenant Church)

(Chengdu, Sichuan Province—October 29, 2021) On the morning of October 28, Jinyang police officers raided the home of Shu Qiong, a congregant of Early Rain Covenant Church. Shu Qiong and two other Christians were taken to Wuhou District’s police station. They have not been released at the time of this article.  


Around 10:30 AM, police pried open Shu Qiong’s door and burst inside. Seven children studied together in one of the rooms. Shu Qiong’s son reminded his classmates that they should not answer police’s questions, and one officer pulled him out into the main room and threw him into another officer. The child fell on the ground, cutting his head. Shu intervened to protect her son.


Shu Qiong injuries for protecting her son
(Photo: Early Rain Covenant Church)

Shu Qiong broke her jaw after she was thrown to the ground. Police beat Wang Song, Shu’s husband, as he tried to protect his family. Police called an ambulance to give medical treatment to Shu and her son. Officers confiscated her books, a plaque that said “God Loves the World”, and her two pet dogs. In the meantime, they transported Shu Qiong and two other Christians, Chen Zhibin and Wang Xian Yi, to the police station. One of the officers who beat Shu has a history of violence during arrests.


Members of Early Rain Covenant Church, supporting their persecuted friends
(Photo: Early Rain Covenant Church)

A few Christians of Early Rain Covenant Church came to accompany their fellow believers. Each member was photographed, and their information was written down. Police told them they were waiting for the decision by Chengdu City Police Department and Wuhou District National Security Department who had a meeting regarding the case.



~Yu Bing, ChinaAid Special Reporter


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