Pastor Wang Yi visited by wife after three years

Monday, November 1, 2021

Wang Yi and his wife, Jiang Rong
(Photo: ChinaAid source)

(Chengdu, Sichuan Province—November 1, 2021) Early Rain Covenant Church disclosed that Jiang Rong, Pastor Wang Yi’s wife, visited Pastor Wang Yi recently. This is their first meeting in over three years since Wang Yi’s arrest on December 9, 2018. Jiang reports that Pastor Wang Yi is healthy, although he lost a lot of weight. Also, guards have allowed him to read in prison.

A few months ago, news circulated online that Wang Yi was struggling in prison, and reports from various sources said that officials banned Pastor Wang Yi from meeting with other prisoners except two hardened criminals. The prison forced him to eat moldy rice for his meals, which expired in the past 10 years. Big provincial hospitals provided expired and low-quality medicine for prescriptions, and unlicensed prisoners administered medical treatment to their fellow inmates. These reports made people, particularly Wang Yi’s family, worry about his health in prison.


Police blocked all news about Pastor Wang Yi since he was arrested in 2018. People know little about his situation. Only one photo and three poems were released in the past three years. Plus, one paragraph he wrote on January 9, 2020:


“I would be as meek as a lamb if someone attacked me. I would be as brave as a lion if someone attacked the church. I am mute, I don’t open my mouth, for it is Jehovah who has done it. I commented authorities before out of love instead of hatred, nobody would believe that we don’t hold grudge while we mention authorities, however, my obedience during imprisonment can convince people that I love authorities.”


Pastor Wang Yi’s family, including Jiang Rong, his child-Wang Shuya, and parents, have been prohibited from contacting Early Rain. Officials continue to surveil Jiang Rong 24- hours a day.


Pastor Wang Yi’s family and Early Rain expressed their gratitude and encouragement from Jiang Rong’s recent visit:


“Although we know little about it, we believe that the Lord protects his servant in the dark. May the Lord grant Pastor Wang Yi the opportunity to read Scripture and write articles and let him intercede for churches but also ponder and write for churches.”


Early Rain’s persecution continued since Wang Yi’s arrest, escalating in recent months. Chengdu police initially targeted Minister Wu Wuqing this year but recently turned their attention to Dai Zhichao and his small group “Tashui.” In the past two weeks, police and plain-clothed officers harassed and detained Dai’s family several times. They continually lock the family out of their house by filling their keyhole with glue.


Yesterday, Dai's doorknob obstructed and painted
(Photo: ChinaAid source)

Yesterday afternoon, the Dai couple took their child out for fun and returned to find the lock obstructed once again. Authorities continue to use illegal approaches to force them to move out.


Shu Qiong's tires slashed during her detainment
(Photo: ChinaAid source)

Police beat and threatened Shu Qiong, a member of Tashui, three different times. They recently broke into her new house illegally after she moved. She hosted a few children to study with her son, but authorities intended to frame her for illegally running a private school. They assaulted Shu Qiong’s family and arrested her for nearly 24 hours. After her release, someone slashed the tires of her car. 

Yesterday, Shu caught two plain-clothed officers sneaking up to her front door, trying to peek inside. 

Dai Zhichao wrote the poem "Examine Souls" on October 31, the 504th anniversary of the Reformation. In his poem, he responds to the rising persecution in Chengdu: 

Examine Souls


Within 24 hours

Power was shut off three times

I ran downstairs to turn it on

Learned not to be angry anymore

Know that someone cares for us.



Opened the lock twice

Used fire the 1st time

Steel wire the other time

Which is like clearing ears

Christians’ locks

Seem to be tempered thoroughly


Christians’ peephole

Has to be painted and sprayed multiple times

It is good news

Indicating that some people fear

God has witnessed everything, though



These dark souls

Need mercy

So I am patient

Work on it solemnly

Which is like examining souls


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