Dai Zhichao and his family detained at home

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Dai Zhichao and his family
(Photo: ChinaAid source)

(Chengdu, Sichuan Province – Nov 4, 2021) On the morning of November 1, Dai Zhichao and his wife of Early Rain Covenant Church prepared to take their two children to Sanya, Hainan Province for relaxation. However, government authorities prevented them from taking their trip, detaining them in their own home.


As the practicing preacher of the Early Rain Covenant Church and the leader of the Tashui small group, Dai Zhichao has been persecuted continuously in the past year. Officials summoned, detained, and beat him many times for the purpose of preventing him from participating in Early Rain. State security monitored and locked his home, even cutting off his electricity. After all of the harassment, Dai Zhichao and his wife decided to take their two children out on a trip to take a break.

The family tried to leave, but three unidentified people blocked Dai’s front door. These assailants wore masks, and ChinaAid sources discovered the police rented the apartment next door to monitor the family closely. Dai Zhichao called the police, hoping they would settle the issue. Instead, officials told the family to stay in their home. 

Unable to go out and see the sea themselves, the children view the sea online
(Photo: ChinaAid source)


Three congregants of Early Rain, Shen Bing, Shu Qiong, and Xuan Bin, brought lunch to the family. They successfully entered Dai Zhichao's home but later the property management knocked and asked to register their ID cards. Afterward, Shu Qiong learned her power had been shut off. She returned to her home and found ten officials inside. They arrested her, due to her involvement with Early Rain. ChinaAid sources reported that Xuan Bin and Shen Bing were also arrested shortly afterward.


Early Rain Covenant Church summarized the situation and asked for prayer in their intercession letter:


As of 8:00 p.m., Brother Zhichao's family was safe at home, and the previously scheduled flight took off at 8:00 p.m. and their travel plan was interrupted for no reason. This was an unexpected act for the maintenance of stability, and no one took responsibility for limiting their travel freedom and the resulting ticket losses. In recent weeks, the police and street personnel have restricted going out on Sundays but without restricting their usual travel during weekdays. It is not clear why they made such a fuss today. Sister Shu Qiong and Sister Xuan Bin returned home safely after being brought back to the police station for information registration under the jurisdiction. Shen Bing also returned home safely after contacting the Dayi County police.


 Please continue to pray for practice preacher Dai Zhichao's family, and may they be satisfied with the peace of Christ in the siege of the wicked and in all kinds of blows and persecutions that seem legal and obviously illegal. Although the red paint on the door, the repeatedly blocked door locks, and the surveillance cameras pointed at the door still show the absurdity of this generation, may the nailed hand of Christ continue to guide the road ahead of them.

 ~Yu Bing, ChinaAid Special Reporter

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