Uyghur Tribunal to release verdict

Friday, November 19, 2021

(ChinaAid, Midland, TX—November 19, 2021) The Uyghur Tribunal will release its verdict on December 9 in London. Afterward, there will be a press conference to discuss the verdict. Viewers can watch the verdict and press conference on the Uyghur Tribunal website.


The Tribunal met twice in 2021 to gather evidence and witness testimonies of China’s genocide and crimes against humanity of Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and Turks in the Xinjiang region. Being a quasi-judicial body, the Tribunal cannot “convict” China of international crimes, but their results can be used by the international community to condemn China’s actions and inform their China policies.


In their most recent session, Gulzira Auelhan shared her experience of torture, sexual abuse, and sterilization. Other witnesses faced similar circumstances during their time in Chinese “re-education” camps. Evidence continued to build when a Chinese citizen journalist videoed Uyghur concentration camps in October.


The Chinese government called the tribunal a “kangaroo court” and called the witnesses actors.  Radio Free Asia conducted an investigation and found that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is transferring over 3,000 Uyghur workers from Xinjiang to other parts of the country.


Criticism continues to mount against China in the last month. Enes Kanter, NBA player for the Boston Celtics, challenged Nike, Lebron James, and Michael Jordan on Twitter for their silence on Uyghur forced labor.  Sheffield Hallam University released a report on how forced labor from Xinjiang implicates dozens of international brands.

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