Chinese Christian sued CCP official for various illegal practices

Monday, January 17, 2022

Zhang Chenghao and his wife, Guo Juan, of Taiyuan Xuncheng Reformed Church
(Photo: ChinaAid source)

(Linfen, Shanxi Province—January 17, 2022) Yesterday, Mrs. Guo Juan, wife of Taiyuan Zion Reformed Church’s Zhang Chenghao, wrote in a public prayer request letter:


One week ago, I sued Mr. Hu, deputy team leader of Lüliang city national security agency. He is in charge of the case of my husband and Pastor An Yankui. Due to the stressful situation, I feel weak and scared. I pray for God’s help. But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream! (Amos 5:24).


Recently, Mrs. Guo learned that Fenyang Public Security Bureau assigned Mr. Hu to handle the case of Pastor An Yankui of Xuncheng Reformed and co-worker Zhang Chenghao. One week ago, she went to Fenyang Public Security Bureau and sued Mr. Hu for:

  • Organized a task force illegally and filed the case wrongly;
  • The charge against Mr. An and Mr. Zhang was “illegally crossing the national border”, so it was illegal to confiscate their personal possessions;
  • Illegally blocked lawyers’ visitations
  • Mr. Hu is on suspicion of bending the law for selfish ends and abuse of power


A few days ago, Mrs. Guo Juan received a phone call from Fenyang Public Security Bureau and asked her to go to their office to meet with Mr. Deng and Mr. Hu (she is not sure if this is the same Mr. Hu). The two police officers returned 5 items impounded from her house, including her personal computer, her cell phone, her husband’s fitness tracker, Bluetooth earphone and cell phone. But they refused to return the items impounded from Pastor An’s house. Mr. Hu told Guo Juan:


Your husband didn’t plead guilty in the detention center. He didn’t sign his signature on the interrogation record either. He only talked about himself and said nothing about other people. He was not cooperative. His attitude will cause him a longer sentence. Your lawyers are not good. You should change your lawyers and persuade your husband and Mr. An to plead guilty as soon as possible. Think carefully about the situation.


Mrs. Guo thanked them for returning some impounded items, and hoped they can return more illegally confiscated items in the future. She hopes they can release her husband and Mr. An, who are completely innocent. She said:” My husband and Mr. An travelled to Malaysia using valid passport and visa. Everything was checked by border inspection in the airport. It is impossible that they crossed the national border illegally. I pray God shed light on these two police officers, so they can repent and bring justice to the case. I also pray my husband and Mr. An rely on God and stand strong in the detention center.”


After the Church’s November 21, Sunday service, Fenyang police officers arrested Pastor An and Brother Zhang. On December 28, Fenyang People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest, and charged them under suspicion of “illegally crossing the national border.” They are currently detained at the Xiaoyi City Detention Center. On December 28, Fenyang Court held a trial for the following five Christians of Taiyuan Zion Reformed Church: Zhang Ligong, Wang Runyun, Wang Shiqiang, Zhang Yaowen, and Song Shoushan.

On January 7, Fenyang Court sentenced these five Christians under the charge of “illegally crossing the national border.” Their prison terms included:


  • Zhang Ligong and Wang Runyun, eight months; a fine of ¥3,000 (~$475 US dollars) 
  • Wang Shiqiang, seven months; a fine of ¥2,500 (~$396 US dollars) 
  • Zhang Yaowen, seven months; a fine of ¥2,000 (~$316 US dollars) 
  • Song Shoushan, six months; a fine of ¥2,000 (~$316 US dollars)



~Yu Bing, ChinaAid Special Reporter

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