Voices from Kazakhstan: Putin's puppet opens killing ring in Kazakhstan

Wednesday, January 12, 2022


We, the people of Kazakhstan, have been opposed to the dictatorial regime of Nursu
ltan Nazarbayev for 30 years. He usurped political power and privatized all the wealth above and below the land of Kazakh into the hands of his family and accomplices. The people's voting rights and civil rights were violated: he prevented the formation of independent political parties, political leaders were persecuted, convicted, imprisoned, and some were shot and killed. Thus, he did not allow the establishment of civil society in the country. The country is plagued by bribery and corruption, the population is unemployed and poor. Citizens' political rights and human rights are violated.

Dictatorships rule the country in two ways: one is through false political propaganda, and the other is through terrorism.

On January 2, 2022, the population of Zhanaozen, Mangystau region, protested against the doubling of gas prices. On January 3 and 4, the protests reached the cities of Aktau, Atyrau, Aktobe, Uralsk, and Almaty, and they continued throughout the country. Economic and social demands were followed by political demands. The people shouted, "Go away, old man!” and demanded the resignation of Nazarbayev and his appointee Tokayev.

On the night of January 4, authorities in Almaty used weapons, tear gas, grenades, and armored vehicles to disperse some 30,000 peaceful protesters. On January 5, the mayor’s office, the presidential residence, and nearby buildings were set on fire by provocative criminals and religious radical groups, such as the Wild Arman, who are affiliated with the government. Citizens who tried to stop the hooligans were beaten.

Authorities aggravated the situation and destabilized it. Hooliganism and looting became rampant in the city.

President K. Tokayev labeled this as "terrorism" and asked for help from the CSTO member states. An anti-terrorist operation has been underway in Almaty since January 6.

We, the people of Kazakhstan, ordinary citizens are not terrorists! The protesters did not have any weapons.

The people are strongly opposed to the entry of CSTO troops into our independent country, the decision that was made by the current puppet government of Kazakhstan, which is colluding with the Kremlin. Only the name of this organization is the CSTO, in reality, it is the army of the Russian Empire led by Vladimir Putin.

Therefore, we consider the entry of CSTO troops into Kazakhstan as an aggression by the Kremlin!

Kazakhstan's independence is threatened!

Taking advantage of the artificial socio-political instability in the country, the authorities are organizing a campaign of mass persecution of civil society activists, shifting the blame to the democratic forces, as was the case in Zhanaozen in 2011. Political activists and true patriots have nothing to do with organized provocations and violence.

In this regard, we ask for help from the international community, the United States, and the European Union! In accordance with international pacts and agreements, we ask you not to allow the innocent punishment of peaceful protesters and members of democratic organizations!


Zhasaral Kuanyshalin, representative of DVK

Shynkuat Baizhanov, lawyer, human rights activist

Zharylkap Kalybay, director of ANYZ ADAM media company, public figure

Mahmut Kosmambetov, journalist

Bakhytzhan Kosbarmakov, journalist

Duman Muhammadkarim, independent journalist

Koszhigit Talzhan, a member of the public organization "Volunteers of the True Fatherland"

Turarbek Kussaiyn, Chairman of the Demos Public Association

Aigerim Abdizhalelova, civil activist

Talgat Aitbai, publicist-writer, director of Tolganai T LLP

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