CCP prohibits education of Tibetan language and forces parents to learn Chinese

Thursday, May 19, 2022

(Photo: Gunther Hagleitner)

(Tibet—May 19, 2022) Chinese authorities forced Tibetan parents to attend Chinese language training classes to instill the idea of assimilation.


According to a report by the UK-based human rights organization Tibet Watch, Chinese authorities have begun forcing Tibetan parents to attend Chinese language training classes and receive political and ideological education to use the parents to influence Tibetan children. The CCP is now using Tibetan parents as a proxy tool to promote the Chinese language to achieve its goals effectively, Human Rights Watch commented.


Beginning in 2021, the Chinese government started to remove the bilingual education policy in various parts of Tibet. It began to require the Ministry of Education of the Tibet Autonomous Region to convert all school textbooks into the Chinese language. Schools that previously used Tibetan as the primary language of instruction will be forced to shut down.


Chinese authorities not only prohibit Tibetan children from receiving Tibetan language education, they also coerce Tibetan parents into learning Chinese.


One of the training courses held on March 9 emphasized “not only teaching Chinese but also reforming ideology through the Chinese language education.” Parents of Tibetan students are required first to learn and improve their Chinese and then cooperate with their children to learn Chinese as their contribution to the realization of the “Chinese Dream.”


In the Golok and Nagqu regions of Tibet, authorities have set up several Chinese language training classes, forcibly teaching Chinese to local Tibetan parents and instilling CCP ideology. In addition to learning Chinese, Tibetans were told to study Xi Jinping’s Thought and urged to disseminate their new knowledge of Xi’s Thought when they return to their villages.


Previously, the Chinese government had enforced an education model which used Chinese as the medium of instruction in the Tibetan region. In schools, teachers, students, and staff were required to communicate only in Chinese to achieve the purpose of “assimilation.”


The Chinese government announced in December last year that by 2025, at least eighty-five percent of China’s total population, including ethnic minorities, will be native speakers of Chinese. Under pressure from this policy, the Tibet Autonomous Region requires schoolteachers and homemakers to be proficient in Chinese. This policy will gradually force Tibetans to adapt to the new normal of speaking Chinese in their daily lives. The essence is to eliminate the unique language and culture of Tibet.




~Gao Zhensai, Special Correspondent of ChinaAid 

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