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Identity of Policemen Who Attacked Human Rights Lawyer Xie Yanyi Confirmed

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

China Aid Association

(BEIJING - November 2, 2010) Dr. Fan Yafeng has confirmed the identity of the policemen who physically attacked human rights lawyer Xie Yanyi on October 30th.

News from China Citizen Human Rights Defense Alliance (

The officers from Beijing Shuangyushu Police Station were Zhang Jiabin, commissar; Police ID 035981, and  Guo Wanqing,  policeman; police ID 036817. Two or three unidentified plainclothes policemen were also involved in the attack.

The physical address of the Beijing Shuangyushu Police Station:
30 Shuangyushu Xi Li
Haidian District
Beijing, China 100086
Phone: +86 010 6256 1316

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