Xinjiang’s Higher People’s Court Rejects Christian Prisoner Alimujiang’s Appeal

Thursday, March 3, 2011

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image(Urumqi, China—March 3, 2011) The following ruling on the case of Uyghur Christian house church leader Alimujiang Yimiti (Alimjan), who is serving a 15-year prison term, was translated by ChinaAid from the Uyghur language.
Any awkwardness in the English version of the court document is an accurate reflection of awkwardness in the language of the original Uyghur. The translator says the document appears to have been hastily written.
Announcement by the Higher People’s Court of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Rejecting Appeal for Judicial Review
(2010) X S J N No. 182
Alimjan Hémit (sic):
Regarding your petition to the court to review the court's verdict with which you disagree, No. X.S.J. 3-A3 of March 16, 2010, that in the case of you illegally delivering state secrets and intelligence outside China, your discussion with a foreigner regarding the content of the Religious Affairs Bureau's investigation and the situation of those so investigated does not constitute a state secret, and that the illegally implemented evaluation of the [Xinjiang] Autonomous Region State Secrets Protection Bureau be re-investigated:
According to the investigation of the court, your violation of state secrecy protection regulations on the two occasions of April 16, 2007 and May 16, 2007, by delivering state secrets and intelligence to foreign nationals, and the act of illegally passing the content of these secrets and intelligence, constituted the crime of passing state secrets and intelligence outside [of China]. The facts of your crime are clear, the evidence complete. In the court's verdict, No. (2010) X.S.J. 3-A3, on the basis of the factual nature of your crime, its effect on society, and in accordance with the scope of the legal regulations, the degree of punishment is fitting to the crime.
The court has hereby ruled: the submitted petition to appeal your case has no basis. The conditions according to Article 204 of the People's Republic of China Criminal Procedure Law regarding a retrial have not been met so the petition is rejected.
Hereby certified
December 27, 2010
[court seal]
Article 204 of the People's Republic of China Criminal Procedure Law cited in the above ruling regarding the conditions for a re-trial can be read in English on this Chinese government website:
Scans of the original court documents in the Uyghur language.
            阿里木江申诉裁定书(1)            阿里木江申诉裁定书(2)
Visit and sign the petition to free Alim.
Read the summary of Alimujiang’s case here.

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